Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comes the revolution

If you have seen this post before it is because I have submitted it to a few other places, but I am re-posting here in case you have missed it ...

So, why do I think InkaBinka is a revolutionary invention? See, revolution is about freedom! When I go to my I get the refreshing snippets of information on various topics, but I have no freedom of choosing which snippets appear and where on my screen they are located! With my InkaBinka screen I have a freedom of deciding which snippets I see, I choose which parts of the various web sites will be my snippets, I decide if they at the top, bottom, left or right side of my screen. I get bored with one, I can replace it. I want more, I can add another one. That’s freedom, that’s liberating! It is truly my page, and I am not dictated to which are the important pieces of my information.

The time slider, which is not available anywhere else, allows me to go back and see what was displayed in my snippet before: one application is national security, of course, but even in the daily life of the webmaster, who just made a change and forgot what was there before … what a nice feature! Not to mention having seen a picture of the not-yet-officially unveiled car only to watch it disappear as the car site’s webmaster was asked to take it off ASAP! I slide back and enjoy the forbidden picture! Fun!

I think, comes the revolution, we will all be using InkaBinka on our devices, and it will share the fate of Kleenex – we will all be inking snippets and binking our snippets to see our desired web site, just as we reach for a Kleenex whenever we need a tissue to wipe our noses!

I am thinking... today this new software runs in Amazon clouds... Aha! maRunga!

I’d say go to the barricades and be a part of this revolution!

Click HERE to read more and HERE to watch a video.


Richard K Buckle said...

And now Kevin will be on the FOX network tomorrow talking about InkaBinka.

According to the latest email from Kevin - I will be on he Neil Cavuto show on Fox News tomorrow, January 29, 2013 at 4:00 PM Eastern or (1:00 PM Pacific) time. I will be discussing technology and its development. Eric Bolling will be guest hosting for Neil. Be sure you TiVo if you can’t watch it live.

Richard Buckle said...

And you can see the TV FOX news item via this url: