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All that was revealed at HPE Discover 2019

Las Vegas, HPE Discover and the heat was on – HPE lights a fire as it goes Cloudless; really? Find out more …

Summer in Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart nor is it for those who may be prone to fainting. Fortunately, for those who happened to have made room reservation in either the Venetian or the Palazzo, there was never any real reason to step outside. As has been our routine for the past couple of years, we drove our company command center down to Las Vegas, camped out in one of the RV sites, but with reason prevailing, we slept in air conditioned bliss inside the hotel complex. This isn’t to say we never left the facility, but rather, only when HPE arranged for social outings to popular venues.

This year I returned to HPE Discover as a guest of HPE and as part of the HPE Influencer program. This is a group of mostly bloggers, pulled from many disciplines,  that have an interest in all things HPE – some of these bloggers have impressive numbers of followers, with one gentlem…

Off to HPE Discover: “It’s Vegas, baby – Vegas!”

If it is June and it’s very hot then it’s Las Vegas and time for HPE Discover – will we see you there? Follow me with hashtag #HPEinfluencer

Whether you head to Las Vegas for the entertainment or the restaurants, it matters little. It could be the attraction of the shows and concerts or the sporting events. No matter which way you look at it there is the ever present temptation to win big on the floor of the casino just as there is the temptation coming from a bar almost everywhere you turn. Yes, I’m writing about Vegas, baby – Vegas to quote a famous refrain from a popular movie (Vince Vaughn shouts this to Jon Favreau in the movie Swingers)! For the NonStop community this may not be truly the event of the year but for any party interested in knowing more about executing to a vision and delivering on product roadmaps that are all central to HPE’s strategy, this show is a must!

If you are reading this and the event is yet to start then you would be finding us somewhere out on the road …

Celebrating the 500th post to this blog …

Live an adventurous life and you will write interesting stories!

“Welcome to RT Writer's blog - for all things related to the ITUG Community.” If this catches you off guard, this is the first line I wrote in my very first post to this blog back in August 20, 2007 - a post I simply titled Introduction. It’s been a long time since I used the handle RT Writer, although there are still a number of longstanding loyalty sites where it remains in use. It’s also been a long time since I opened with a reference to the ITUG Community. It may not be obvious to everyone however, the URL for this blog just happens to be – accident? No, not really! But then again, with this post I am celebrating my 500th post for the NonStop community.

If you look back through the posts you will read a little about the history of how this blog came into being. On the other hand, if you missed it all or simply don’t have the patience to go scrolling through the previous 499 posts, it…