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Best of both worlds – NonStop has you covered!

It hasn’t been hard to catch a sunset or two in California; for the NonStop community, it’s time to look again at twin stars (as covered in a post more than a decade ago) that is even more relevant today!

Looking towards the far-off horizon especially when it has to do with watching the sun set over the ocean has always been a sight that has grabbed my attention. Of late, Margo and I have had the opportunity to drive up and down on California’s coastal highway where there was more than one occasion to enjoy brilliant sunsets. Margo and I now live in northern Colorado where it is not the sea but rather the mountains that frame the suns last rays but, all the same, it is a reminder that no matter what took place during the day, there is a finality to it all; the sun has set and night will prevail.
Paging through older posts to this blog I came across the post of October 20, 2007, The pull from twin stars ... published just after the European ITUG event in Brighton, England. It began with…

It’s time for three more wishes for NonStop!

Three years have come around rather quickly this time but it’s still worth thinking further ahead when it comes to our wishes for NonStop in 2023!

Celebrating each New Year comes with a lot of obligations. It’s not just a case of staying up late to enjoy the fireworks, although, I have to say, I haven’t managed to do that very often – my trip to Sydney to see its firework display being the most memorable exception. Then there is the mandatory popping of champagne corks and celebratory hugs, and more, and it was only a few years ago when Margo and I took to the streets of Key West to witness its approach to welcoming the New Year, where we were quickly educated about crowd control. However, perhaps entering each New Year is even more memorable because of the tradition of making a wish. Whether it’s embracing a new diet, spending more time at the gym or simply deciding to spend more time outdoors, each of us makes a wish / resolution of one kind or another.
Having written this, it seems …

For NonStop users, feeling all at sea - RUG events are a must!

Where do we really learn about what’s new with NonStop? Who do we turn to for the real skinny on all things NonStop? It’s when the NonStop community comes together at RUG meetings where it all happens!

Many of the miles Margo and I accumulate on our cars, in any one year, have to do with driving to Regional User Group (RUG) meetings. For us both, it’s an integral part of the culture that is NonStop. We wouldn’t miss an event held anywhere in North America if we can attend and oftentimes memories of past meetings are only triggered when we remember which car we drove to the event. There were even times where we elected to drive our former Company Command Center clear across country. Maneuvering the RV in and around Virginia proved a daunting task I have to admit!
But then again, we like to drive. This past month it’s been all about the drive, once again. If you come up short on the specifics of those recent trips, you may want to just check back through recent posts to this blog as well…