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It’s running on NonStop – I didn’t know that!

HP Discover is still having an impact on what news items I am covering. However, one presentation did stand out – just how diverse the deployments of NonStop systems has become - and we should all make it our business to know!

There was a time when most vendor presentations to prospects’ CIOs were populated with customer case studies – nothing sells a product better than solid testimonials from Fortune 500 companies. However, so much has changed in recent times, and corporations have become loathe to be associated with vendors, viewing any such support as de facto endorsements and that’s baggage that they do not need. All we seem to get these days is the generic reference to a “large bank”, a “regional Telco”, or a “well-known retailer”.

At this year’s HP Discover there were several high profile customer case studies involving the likes of Nationwide, FOX, United Airlines and NASCAR. Sound bites from their presentations, as video clips, made it into several of the HP keynote speeches …

At long last, disruptive innovation from HP!

With seven posts to the LinkedIn group, Real Time View, written while attending 2013 HP Discover, a week later I have had time to reflect on all I saw. And it really is game-on for NonStop! This year, the program we built around HP Discover unfolded in reverse as compared with our 2012 plans. Perhaps it was the prospect of doing something a little more challenging or simply a case of forgetfulness about just how stressful HP Discover can become. Perhaps too it was simply a huge mistake and one I would like to forget, but as for the event itself, it was well attended and the picture above shows the early attendees heading for the registration kiosks, Tuesday.

Readers may recall that our trip last year to Las Vegas was via Rosamond, California, where we kicked off the week with a weekend laying down laps at Big Willow – much of this covered in the post of May 31, 2012, Java rocks! But no, this time it would be completely different.

As 2013 HP Discover wound down, we headed for our compan…

Off to Discover

It is June and HP Discover is happening again, ipso facto, I am off to Las Vegas, participating alongside Richard.
Discover is an opportunity to network, and I figure being in the V Bar that is strategically located at the entrance to the Conference will likely be where you will find me - I will find a spot from which to watch people as they pass by.
maRunga, the cloud burst solution from Infrasoft, will not be demonstrated at any of the stands at the Conference. However, Peter Shell, Managing Director of Infrasoft, PTY Limited, will have his laptop with him, and I am sure he will be only too happy to give a demo and presentation. This newest offering is from the company that brought you uLinga, which is installed and running at many major customers’ shops.
Just this week, after a meeting between Infrasoft engineers and IR technical staff, we saw a demonstration of the Prognosis screens showing maRunga in action, giving users a view of how this application bursts into private or public c…