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Vendors are coming, cool!

With a change in our Simi Valley abode last year, when we had to find a new condo on short notice, I had to set up a new office for the times I find myself in Southern California. And while I miss the mountains of Colorado, with the weather as cold as it has been of late I welcome any opportunity to spend a few days in the sun. Even though it’s only for a few days, spending time in jeans and t-shirts isn’t hard to take after having to load up with four or five layers! The picture above is of my away-from-home office that I have just set up – with HP equipment in abundance. And in the picture you can just make out, on the screen of the laptop, this opening paragraph!
As I review the data on the blogs written to date, there are some topics that generate a disproportionate amount of readers’ interest. If I add Tandem into the subject line, that spikes readers’ interest, as does anything that includes a reference to ACI be it events, strategy, or product. If I throw in a few negative com…

Hollow wheels go nowhere!

Winter in Boulder is an adventure. Even when you have weathered the worst of it, you can never take anything for granted and surprises can be waiting for you around every corner. Returning home a few weeks ago, I misjudged the entry to our community, hit the brakes on a patch of ice, and gracefully slid into the gutter surrounding the entrance divider. The speed was minimal, but with it turned at 45 degrees, the impact “de-spoked” the wheel, and the picture at the top of this post shows what I was left with as I stepped out of the SUV. It still looks pretty good on the outside, but everything inside is gone!
I am not sure whether a flaw in the wheels manufacture, or simply its age and its exposure to the elements of winter contributed in any way, but safe to say I became a little concerned about the integrity of the other wheels, so on went a new set of wheels and tires. As much as I dislike the looks of modern SUVs and prefer something a lot sleeker, there’s no denying that with ice…

Tandem – the next 35 years?

Over the holiday season I didn’t spend as much time pulling bottles of wine from the cellar as in previous years, yet sadly, I have to admit, the inventory is beginning to thin out. On the other hand, what has been growing has been my collection of model cars and motorcycles and now, spread across the tasting table, they capture quite a bit of history – the picture above includes most of what is on display.
Obviously, there are several model Corvettes in the collection. Among the models are F1 cars – the Ferrari of Schumacher and the Jaguar of Weber – as well as a Yamaha R1 sports bike that’s a constant reminder of the fickleness of youth! Missing from the display is the one car I thought would always find a place in my collection – the mighty Porsche Turbo!

When I returned to Australia in 1977 I took up an assignment with a small software distributor that represented The Computer Software Company (TCSC) of Richmond, Virginia. However, in those early days I was in desperate need of …