Sunday, June 24, 2018

HPE Discover delivers; it’s now all about execution!

This year’s HPE Discover included something missing from previous years events – execution. We know the vision and we know the strategy so HPE covered all that they were delivering and there were a number of surprises install for attendees …

It was a dawn departure from Windsor, Colorado, and as we loaded our bags into our car it was very much a case of opting for the backup. As any Tandem supporter knows all too well, things can go wrong and executing a takeover while you can is an optimal path to ensuring continuing operation. Our go-to hybrid car was scratched during the most recent trip to Dallas for the N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) meeting and even though the damage was minor, not having a functioning gas refill receptacle meant the backup saw duty. Not everyone may be so fortunate as to have a backup car but this is the USA and it’s off to Las Vegas, so it should be expected!

This year’s HPE Discover saw Margo and me as guests of HPE, with me being part of the independent blogging / influencer community. A small cadre of folks who even now have formed working relationships so much so that after several years while we don’t fully anticipate what each of us may say next, it’s getting awfully close. HPE does a great job of gathering bloggers from specific areas of technology including storage, wireless and solutions like manufacturing with me doing double duty representing mission critical systems and finance / retail. It’s always a full program that oftentimes extends well into the night but the group certainly had the team of Becca and Laura to thank for ensuring the plan was followed and the group was able to hear directly from HPE’s senior managers and thought leaders.

Being welcomed with the biggest selection of candy with a couple of drinks thrown in for good measure I have ever been given was hilarious but I was thankful and it certainly looked good sitting in the room.  Just one more instance of HPE going the extra yard for us to ensure we would be caffeinated and on sugar highs late into the night, happily tweeting about all that we saw. And yes, we saw a lot and that was probably the biggest take away for me from this year’s event. In the past we had been subject to messaging with focus on visions and strategies and our expectations over what will transpire in the future grabbing much of the limelight.

Not this year, however. It was all about execution. With so much talk about simplifying the transformation to hybrid IT in the past, it was good to hear of solutions being demoed that all made a real contribution to the simplification program. There were references to some familiar products along with more than a few I didn’t recognize: Synergy, OneView, SimpliVity, OneSphere, Infosight, Greenlake, and much more (about which we will be hearing even more in the coming year) dominated the proceedings as did the tangible presence of The Machine in a very meaningful way!

When it was first unveiled as a project being undertaken within HPE Labs, The Machine seemed fanciful at best and borderline outrageous and indeed confusing at worse, even as the industry were quick to pick up on possible absurdities it represented. But no more! Memory Drive Computing as supported by the new memory-centric paradigm for system construction is becoming mandatory in today’s data driven world. The market has definitely come to HPE and what they HPE has done with Superdome Flex and its support for massive amounts of addressable memory (and with no need to shuffle data in and out of hierarchies) is impressive to say the least. Processors are now simply elements you plug directly into memory and HPE now has an array of elements in the pipeline – possible even something labelled QANTUM that has raised more than a few eyebrows!

As for the picture above, would you love to have been able to overhear that conversation as HPE Senior Fellow Ray Beausoliel, leading the team researching “beyond transistors” and yes, even “beyond qubits” who has been working with Quantum Computing, is talking things over with Kirk Bresnicker, another HPE Fellow who is the VP and HPE Labs Chief Architect. I never did get to understand the sizable display of Lego bricks but it had something to do with demonstrating optics I came to understand although there were many independent bloggers simply counting up how many individual Lego products had gone into building the display.

The presentation by Beausoliel was among the most intriguing of all sessions as it took the form of an interview with fellow independent blogger (specializing in virtualization), Alistair Cooke, being the moderator. The presentation, Do we have to wait for  Quantum Computers was held just for the press, bloggers and analysts and covered a lot of territory before concluding that as Quantum Computing influenced new ways to process information it wouldn’t be used on current applications but rather, it “would teach us something we didn’t already know,” said Beausoleil.

In other words, apart from “quantum computers being really good at modelling other quantum systems,” and if we want to know more about what’s next after silicon should we want to extend Moore’s Law, then “quantum is good for figuring out what’s next; consider a petabyte being stored on 10 qubits!” When it comes to the current state of quantum, it is now known that roughly speaking you need to build 1,000 qubits in order to have just one reliable qubit so we are far from seeing any potential light at the end of this tunnel. And yet – the discussions continue and seeing Bresnicker and Beausoleil deep in thought I find intriguing. 

However, this was definitely HPE CEO Antoni Neri’s conference. When he walked onto the stage for his keynote address the first thing he did was to turn to the front row where his family was seated to introduce them to the packed house of attendees present. A human touch that has been missing in the past and a reminder to all present that HPE now has a different style of CEO than has been in evidence in previous years. And yes, a very much appreciated welcome change according to everyone I talked to following the conclusion of the keynote. As for what Neri emphasized throughout his presentation, it came down to just four key points – the new frontier of the intelligent edge; clouds – your data will live everywhere and so will your clouds; data will force greater consideration of memory driven computing and finally, delivering economic value from your data.

Notice all the references to data? And the focus on data has led HPE to focus more intently on software – “we are building a software defined platform and today, HPE has the most complete software-defined product portfolio.” There is still the challenge with manageability but already HPE is making the right moves both organically and with acquisitions. The references to OneSphere, Insight and even Greenlake are all part of addressing how best to make it easier and more manageable when transforming to hybrid IT. However, having said that hybrid IT is just a step towards a world made up of edge – cloud – core, a reference to how the pieces are beginning to fit together. As for the edge, Neri was quick to explain that the edge is “anywhere technology is put into action!”

We have heard on numerous occasions how time and data are the new currency so when it comes to NonStop, where does it fit into execution under way at HPE? The Machine and its influence on Superdome Flex may be one path for HPE but it’s the data driving that solution. When it comes to time – and by time the inference here is real-time – then Superdome Flex isn’t a candidate. No, we still will see investments continue in “racks of racks and racks of blades,” as Randy Meyer, HPE VP & GM, Mission Critical Systems, made it very clear to one of the audiences. Think of the potential role of Synergy, for instance, as it’s only a matter of time before a customer asks HPE for Synergy support of NonStop and that’s a distinct possibility given all that I saw at HPE Discover.

And what about the latest initiative supported by NonStop – blockchain? There were demos too of blockchain on NonStop as part of NonStop support of financial institutions. Clearly there will be blockchain on other platforms and already HPE was displaying manufacturing processes using a different blockchain to the R3 Corda (and a blockchain optimized for supply chain) implemented on EdgeLine products, but the role of NonStop in racks of racks and racks of blades with the potential support from Synergy and all supporting meaningful applications like Know Your Customer (KYC) certainly provides argument enough that HPE is behind NonStop and in a very big way!   

The nights proved to be long but then again, no attendee anticipates that HPE Discover will be a sprint and all are well prepared for the marathon that follows. With only one exception, I spent the whole time on the exhibition floor and was very appreciative of the many theatrette set up for targeted presentations as it kept the distance between a good presentation and the blogging lounge to a time manageable exercise. More importantly, HPE Discover continues with being the premier communications vehicle for the whole of HPE where in a few short days you can hear and see the progress being made to better support enterprises everywhere. The NonStop Technical Boot Camp will continue to be the place to hear and see the latest news on NonStop, but for the big picture, there will always be HPE Discover and when this event rolls around again in 2019, it will be the place to be and I will be there! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

It’s showtime! Heading once again to Vegas …

HPE Discover 2018 is about to happen and we are all buckled-in for the drive to Vegas. What can we expect to see and hear - well, that’s for another post but for now, Margo and I look forward to seeing many of you once the  conference gets under way!

Time to wash the car, check that the bags all fit and in general, make sure nothing is taken for granted or left behind. This is Vegas week and it’s always highlighted on our calendar with bright red circles inked around the week. From the time when we participated in ITUG events to when the different user groups talked of merging to when Connect came into being – we have looked forward to making the trip to Las Vegas in summer when every instinct we have is to head the other way. To the ocean, or the lake! Why can’t we find a venue big enough in San Diego, for instance, far removed from the desert heat? And yet, as we contemplate the trip to come, it really doesn’t matter where HPE pitches its big tent, ultimately it’s the content that is important and an opportunity to hear HPE executives first hand is all the motivation required to wash the car and load the bags.

It’s been quite an eventful time during these last couple of weeks. A trip to Leipzig, Germany, for GTUG and the European NonStop HotSpot 2018/IT-Symposium 2018 - Conference & Exhibition followed by a headlong dash down to Dallas, Texas, for N2TUG before returning to Windsor, Colorado, to post about it all and then hitting the road once again for HPE Discover 2018, Las Vegas. What is a little unusual that this far into the year and it’s our first trip to Vegas? If you are a regular reader of posts to Real Time View, more often than not by the time HPE Discover rolls around, it’s usually our forth or even fifth trip of the year to Vegas, but not this time. Our business engagements have climbed to where time on the road isn’t treated lightly and priorities have to be reckoned with – in the lead up to our trip to Leipzig, we did manage to squeeze in a quick trip back to Palo Alto, but there was no time for side trips or planning a more circuitous route that might have led us to Vegas.

In the past we have always taken the company command center with us and then used the Vegas event to kick-on to other events and shows along the California coast. We have even combined the trip to Vegas for a weekend at either the road course at Willow Springs or Button Willow, but not this year as we have only a brief period back in the office before we do have to return to Palo Alto where NonStop product management is hosting a NonStop Partner Symposium and the timing couldn’t be better – what more meaningful exchange could there be with NonStop product management then after HPE has talked up the big picture of where it was headed? It’s always important to have strategically important announcements out in the open before drilling on down into NonStop and the contribution it is making in support of HPE’s strategy.

However, returning to Vegas and HPE Discover, once again I have to be thankful to HPE for extending to me an invite to be their guest and a part of the independent blogging community. Based on previous experiences HPE really does a great job in supporting bloggers and the program that HPE creates just for us always proves to be entertaining as it is enlightening. If my time with HPE in Madrid for last winter’s HPE Discover event is any indication of what to expect then I am really looking forward to catching up with colleagues I shared a meeting room with for almost a week.

This time, fortunately, I will be joined by Margo so the two of us are going to have a whole lot of fun even as there is so much serious content to absorb. HPE independent bloggers organizers, Becca and Laura, treat us royally so it should be fun for sure even as it most certainly will be intense. Looking forward, too, to catching up to with my kiwi mate, Alistair, who I only ever get to see at HPE Discover!

Clearly, the highlights for the NonStop community will center on virtualized NonStop running atop of VMware virtual machines. While running atop OpenStack with Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) caught our attention initially, support for a more commercially focused VM, as is the case with VMware, should grab a lot more mindshare – which enterprise doesn’t run VMware these days? And just as clearly, the highlight too should be about consuming NonStop any which way we like should be of interest to all attendees, whether running NonStop today or planning to in the near future. Yes, you read that right. There are enterprises that used to run NonStop that are looking to return to NonStop even as there are enterprise users that are looking at NonStop for the very first time.

The news of Microsoft buying GitHub is also a potential game changer for some enterprises who may not have considered NonStop in the past. “The impact to the NonStop customer community is that many of your approved technology lists include all of the Microsoft development product suite, which should now include GitHub Enterprise, and because it depends on it, git too,” wrote Randall Becker of Nexbridge in an article for the June issue of NonStop Insider. “This is a pretty big deal because git already runs on most platforms, including your NonStop.”

Don’t forget too that there will be even more coverage of progress that’s been made towards delivering The Machine. One panel session I don’t want to miss out on is The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise. It is scheduled to be held in the Innovation Theater on June 20 between 1:30pm and 2:30pm and it’s going to be a panel session. Billed as an opportunity to hear from experts across HPE of their plans to power the hypercompetitive future, the list of participating HPE executives is impressive and includes some familiar faces - Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Fellow, Vice President, HPE; Eng Lim Goh, PhD, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HPC & AI, HPE; Randy Meyer, Vice President & General Manager, Mission-critical Servers, HPE.

Once I saw Randy was part of the panel then of course my interest was piqued but I have been talking to Kirk Bresniker for some time and I just know that what they will cover will be of interest for the NonStop community. There are always surprises at HPE Discover – will this panel session prove to be yet another one of HPE Discover’s famous surprises? What will not be a surprise is that HPE continues to pursue foundation technologies that will definitely put distance between what HPE Labs produces versus competing vendors who simply copy what others do and this is a byproduct of the new leadership within HPE that started several years ago and continues to ensure the future of HPE and along with it, the future of NonStop. Should be a great show and one well worth finding the time to attend!

There is still the ongoing stream of updates that continue to hit the news services concerning HPE’s pursuit of Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT) where the first platform supporting MCDLT – OK, blockchain – is NonStop. There will be demos and updates and that too is a priority for me. Attending the event will be OmniPayments’ Yash Kapadia and we plan to get together as OmniPayments is working with HPE’s MCDLT in support of solutions addressing today’s concerns about conforming to regulations about Knowing Your Customer (KYC). But I am certain that HPE will be addressing even more markets with MCDLT at HPE Discover and I am hopeful there will be more news on MCDLT in support of Supply Chain Management.

Driving out of the garage and onto the highway with our GPS directing us to Vegas isn’t anything unusual for us as its pretty much programmed in and ready any time we need it. Looking at upmarket stores for the latest in Dior, Prada and Louboutin will probably be a distraction as will one evening spent at Mastro’s steakhouse. But as distracting as these have proved in the past Margo and my focus will remain very much centered on HPE Discover and so this road trip, even with all its familiarity, will be something we enjoy.

Yes, shortly we will be on our way and we hope to see you and should you be on the floor of the exhibition hall then look for the booth housing the independent bloggers and stop by to say Hi! I will be only too happy to take time out to chat and even with everything covered above, one of the most important aspects of HPE Discover is networking so – let’s network! Safe travels! And see you soon!  

Monday, June 11, 2018

What was said in Texas – N2TUG delivers excitement once again!

With a morning devoted to news of HPE and its deep port of R3 Corda to NonStop, it was hard to miss the bigger message concerning NonStop – HPE continues to place big bets on the future of NonStop for IT everywhere!

Margo and I have lost count of the number of times we have driven to Dallas, Texas. There have been years where we didn’t make it, but that has been only when there were other priorities. We have elected to drive different vehicles and over the years we have been seen driving our company command center (with the Corvette or Mini in tow), the Maserati GT-S, the Jeep SRT and most recently, our latest acquisition - the environmentally-friendly BMW hybrid, the i8. Of course, we see great potential in hybrid cars and their contribution to transportation so the i8 is just a step along the green path for both of us. 

Accompanying posts to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, are other posts to our social blog, Buckle-Up, and if you want to know more about the vehicles, there are plenty of posts featuring one or the other. Yes, you guessed it; we are a car family and for us, driving represents the ultimate opportunity to discuss business and of course, this year, the conversations were lively.

NonStop is evolving and there is no end in sight as to where it will go and to what it will accomplish.

Many years ago, we stopped flying. Sad but true, we could no longer rationalize what we were experiencing at airports and onboard planes as somethingpleasurable. We no longer look forward to flights although as readers may remember from a previous post, we had no option other than to fly when we joined fellow NonStop community members in Leipzig for GTUG. But that’s about it; if we need to leave America’s shores it is with a growing sense of reluctance borne out of experiences that left us wanting. Of course, this is not news to anyone who knows us.

Then again, when Texas calls and N2TUG is firmly fixed in our calendars, the only decision to be made is which car to drive! Throw into the mix the presence of Jimmy Treybig and taking the drive down a well-worn route becomes a given!

This year is proving to be an exceptional year for the NonStop community and it too has more to choose from than ever before. As a community we have heard from HPE senior managers that we are on the verge of being able to consume NonStop any way we want and this includes many options as to where and what we run NonStop on – traditional versus virtualized!

When it comes to the progress HPE has made with NonStop today, we should all be excited with having options and after talking to NonStop users and NonStop vendors alike, there’s not so much head-scratching going on, but rather, serious conversations taking place about how best to move forward with NonStop.

Nothing holds greater potential for NonStop today than Blockchain support available on NonStop. I have been writing about Blockchain ever since I first encountered Blockchain with the first post to this blog appearing Tuesday, November 22, 2016
vNonStop – coming to a desktop near you! The post came about following the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) and included the reference, “Comeback? Seriously, NonStop re-energizing marketplaces? NonStop going virtual! NonStop inside the clouds! NonStop on the Edge! NonStop supporting Blockchain!”

Since then I have written numerous posts on Blockchain but now, real solutions are on the horizon. There was more than one conversation with a NonStop vendor where Blockchain became the center of the discussion and where many times, there was a comment made about finding out more about Blockchain on NonStop! When HPE made the first announcement about Blockchain and the work being done on the deep port of the R3 Corda to NonStop where it also was embracing NonStop SQL, many of my fellow independent bloggers within the HPE community were caught by surprise.

NonStop? Again, seriously? When you consider the diversity of the HPE product portfolio, at face value, NonStop seems an unusual choice. Only this past week I was referred to as the blogger focused on legacy NonStop; ouch! However, NonStop distanced itself from legacy when it embraced the Intel x86 architecture and when it launched itself into the world of virtual machines.

All the same, when you look back at the HPE press release of November 10, 2017,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Introduces Blockchain as-a-Service Solution for Enterprises it included the bullet point, “The solution is offered on HPE Integrity NonStop platforms, which process two out of every three credit card transactions in the world.” And yes, it is the first product in the HPE Mission Critical Blockchain family. Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT) on NonStop is just the beginning. According to HPE, “HPE Mission Critical DLT is expected to be commercially available in early 2018. Customers also will be able to purchase access to this solution in a ‘DLT as a Service’ environment for serious trials and production use later in the year.”

At N2TUG we heard presentations from the new HPE Worldwide Head of Blockchain Sales, Jeff Skinner, as well as from R3 Director, Cristina Buendia, and their enthusiasm for NonStop being the first platform selected was easy to see. A lot of that decision making in favor of NonStop, I suspect, was done for them as NonStop field folks were definitely ahead of the game when it came to a deep-port of Blockchain.

We also heard about OmniPayments working with HPE’s MCDLT in support of Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering (KYC / AML) from OmniPayments’ VP, Jessica Nieves, immediately following Jeff and Cristina. I had numerous conversations with other vendors surprised to see progress being made this quickly but in the case of OmniPayments, being a solutions’ vendor counting big financial institutions as clients, it would be more of a surprise to read of OmniPayments not pursuing Blockchain and the HPE MCDLT offering. Given its NonStop-centric nature it clearly helps pursue “A Road to Success” as described by Jessica in her presentation. A new post on this N2TUG presentation on OmniPayments and Blockchain has just been published to the OmniPayments’ blog. Check out

How confident indeed excited am I about the prospects for NonStop with Blockchain? I am keeping my fingers crossed, naturally, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised with what transpires. On the other hand, as I noted in my latest Social Media Round Up column to be published in the June issue of NonStop Insider, I came across a remark made in a popular auto magazine by a not-so-well-known car collector. “Of course, the one thing about being a pundit about anything is that you are virtually condemned to be wrong. The one thing I know about the future is that it’s certainly going to surprise us.” 

What hasn’t been lost on the NonStop community is that all the excitement surrounding NonStop grabbing the spotlight is coming at a time when you can no longer ignore how important NonStop is for HPE. Given the big investment HPE made in migrating NonStop to x86 (and ServerNet to InfiniBand and them to RoCE), it has been clear to many pundits that there was going to be a positive future for NonStop after all. Looking around the planet, there have been numerous “new logos” added to the NonStop installed base and any conversation you may have with Randy Meyer, VP & GM, Mission Critical Systems, it takes but a moment or two before Randy begins describing the deployment of NonStop in support of solutions we have heard little about in recent times. 

Jimmy Treybig was famous for his use of the word, ‘xcitin! Listening to Jimmy presenting to an audience of NonStop supporters the excitement was still there – “listen to your customers,” Jimmy admonished us all with a twinkle. “That’s all I did when we started Tandem Computers.” Now excitement is building over the use-case scenarios HPE is covering in presentations on NonStop and the arrival of Blockchain support is going to see even more “new logos” as the product enters the mainstream marketplace. Yes, the road to Dallas was one we had to take even as Jessica was talking about the road to success. NonStop is evolving and it’s leading us into bigger marketplaces where the only question remaining is – will y’all be part of these ‘xcitin times, again? 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer is a-comin' – ready for HPE Discover!

Summertime and the number or RUG events heats up as we look ahead to HPE Discover; will we see you there?

Having recently downsized our home and moved further north, we had to find somewhere safe to park our vehicles. We have moved out of Boulder and now live just outside Ft Collins, really close to the Ft Collins HPE offices on E. Harmony Rd – just one freeway exit north of us. Margo’s reaction in the photo is one of surprise mixed with a little disbelief that we could indeed fit everything into our new 20’ X 50’ heated and secured storage garage. Yes, the RV, our trailer and Corvette along with our remaining motorcycle cruiser have it good and it means that on sunny January days, when the temperature along Colorado’s front ranges can climb as high as 70 degrees, we can go camping!

But forget winter, summer is now just a matter of a few weeks away and with summer almost on us, events, symposiums and conferences take center stage for the NonStop community. Shortly we will be getting in the car and driving to Dallas for N2TUG. I have already posted about this event back on May 10, 2018,
Road Trip – old or new it doesn’t matter; it’s the journey! However, in case you missed that update, I am anticipating a number of surprises not the least being an opportunity to catch up with Jimmy Treybig, the founder and creator of Tandem Computers.

While we are often reluctant to recognize our past, IT should always be cognizant of its pioneering leaders, especially when their influence can still be felt four decades later. Mind you, not every technology breakthrough left an indelible mark on IT – can you recall the excitement IBM created when it unveiled its breakthrough with Josephson Junctions? While these devices were going to exploit superconductivity, quantum tunneling and Josephson effects they operated at temperatures about 4 degrees above absolute zero – “temperatures that are very challenging to achieve in operation.” A computer that just didn’t fail seemed to be a pipedream to many all those years ago even if it didn’t need anything quite as exotic as IBM’s proposed new technology.

What is more important with the arrival of fault tolerant computing is that it opened the door wide to transaction processing that was both reliable and easy to program. Overnight an ecosystem of solutions vendors rushed to exploit its capabilities in many markets – from healthcare to newspapers to supply chains to banking. The former Tandem Computers built an Alliance Program around this ecosystem and published a guide to applications that at one point was more than an inch thick. The number of vertical markets served by today’s NonStop systems may be down on the numbers of the past but the value is certainly back to where it was in the heydays of Tandem Computers.

It is indeed a rare occurrence for a technology to remain influential for as long as Tandem / NonStop continue to be to this very day. Ownership has changed through the years to where it is now part of HPE’s Mission Critical Systems business. This is an appropriate landing place for NonStop within HPE as there isn’t a better technology to support mission critical transaction processing than NonStop systems. This is borne out by just how many of HPE’s competitors target the NonStop marketplace. From mainframes to Linux clusters to hybrid clouds, it’s all possible to get close to fault tolerance but not out-of-the box and definitely not at the price point of NonStop systems. The industry is being put on notice of NonStop’s continued longevity with the announcement of NonStop as software – fully virtualized NonStop workloads can run practically anywhere!

N2TUG will certainly be entertaining – the Dallas team always ensures there is plenty to cheer – and the NonStop community in Dallas and the surrounding cities remain NonStop stalwarts with decades of experience with NonStop. Even so, summer is coming and with it major events as well as the phased introduction to the new virtualized NonStop and the SQL that is compatible with Oracle along with support for Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology. And if you want to see real-world demos and talk to those closest to the technology then there is another event you need to plan for – HPE Discover 2018, Las Vegas.

Returning from the drive to Dallas for N2TUG Margo and I will have only a week back home before repacking and heading for Las Vegas. Running from Monday afternoon through to Thursday morning, June 18 – 21, this is the place to go to hear HPE senior executive spell out the programs for the coming year. Last year we heard for the first time from outgoing HPE CEO, Meg Whitman, but this year and two quarters into his first year at the helm of the company, we will hear from the new HPE CEO, Antonio Neri. I had the opportunity to be present for HPE Discover 2017, Madrid, where Neri made his first appearance as a CEO and I can assure you, as a technologist guiding the fortunes of HPE, it is well worth taking time away from your regular business routines to hear him speak.

I have had an opportunity to address a number of communities both in person and via webinars. In fact, while in Dallas for N2TUG I will be providing a brief update on DataExpress, one of my valued clients, following a webinar with them in which I participated. I spoke to at GTUG on behalf of NTI and have provided updates on NonStop in a webinar with Striim folks. In all of them I made it a point to stress how thankful the NonStop community should be that HPE has a clearly articulated vision, is executing to a strategy that is extremely relevant in today’s business world and yes, most important of all, NonStop is a fully funded participant in the programs being driven by that strategy. And you will hear all about it at HPE Discover!

For too many years the NonStop community was left to wonder about the future of NonStop. There was more than one occasion when trying to find any presence of NonStop on the exhibition floor of HPE Discover was an exercise akin to treasure hunting, but even armed with a floor layout it was still hard to find, but no longer. If HPE Discover, Madrid, was a model for what to expect, you will find NonStop presence in multiple locations – there will always be somewhere to see NonStop converged systems but now, you will see NonStop anchoring demonstrations of blockchain following the deep port of R3: Corda to NonStop and NonStop SQL and yes, expect to see virtualized NonStop on display as well now that VMware supports virtualized NonStop workloads.

Once again, I will be a guest of HPE and as such, am extremely thankful for HPE’s generosity and support. I will be part of the independent blogging community and as such, be part of a small group HPE calls influencers. HPE will be providing us with our own meeting room where HPE managers will be coming to us to update us on their products and solutions. If previous occasions are any guide, we will even get to hear from real HPE users as well and this is always a fun time – bloggers are by nature inquisitive and since HPE opens the floor to questions there is no reticence on the part of any of those seated at the table to be forthcoming with questions of interest to them – as a heads up, watch this blog site during the week of HPE Discover for updates direct from the exhibition floor!
There is a very strong sense of anticipation whenever spring gives way to summer. Storage locker doors are flung wide open and stuff we put to one side for winter sees the light of day. In the coming days there will be a lot of miles covered and many HPE and NonStop stakeholders will be approached. But to think of NonStop and the people so intimately involved with NonStop from its earliest days still generates the excitement it did all those years ago and as I wrap this post, all I can think of are the lyrics to
an old Nat "King" Cole
What is so rare
As June in the air?
Summer is a-comin' in!
  Safe travels and see you in Dallas and yes, see you too in Las Vegas!

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