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HPE Discover delivers; it’s now all about execution!

This year’s HPE Discover included something missing from previous years events – execution. We know the vision and we know the strategy so HPE covered all that they were delivering and there were a number of surprises install for attendees …
It was a dawn departure from Windsor, Colorado, and as we loaded our bags into our car it was very much a case of opting for the backup. As any Tandem supporter knows all too well, things can go wrong and executing a takeover while you can is an optimal path to ensuring continuing operation. Our go-to hybrid car was scratched during the most recent trip to Dallas for the N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) meeting and even though the damage was minor, not having a functioning gas refill receptacle meant the backup saw duty. Not everyone may be so fortunate as to have a backup car but this is the USA and it’s off to Las Vegas, so it should be expected!

This year’s HPE Discover saw Margo and me as guests of HPE, with me being part of the independent blog…

It’s showtime! Heading once again to Vegas …

HPE Discover 2018 is about to happen and we are all buckled-in for the drive to Vegas. What can we expect to see and hear - well, that’s for another post but for now, Margo and I look forward to seeing many of you once the conference gets under way!
Time to wash the car, check that the bags all fit and in general, make sure nothing is taken for granted or left behind. This is Vegas week and it’s always highlighted on our calendar with bright red circles inked around the week. From the time when we participated in ITUG events to when the different user groups talked of merging to when Connect came into being – we have looked forward to making the trip to Las Vegas in summer when every instinct we have is to head the other way. To the ocean, or the lake! Why can’t we find a venue big enough in San Diego, for instance, far removed from the desert heat? And yet, as we contemplate the trip to come, it really doesn’t matter where HPE pitches its big tent, ultimately it’s the content that is …

What was said in Texas – N2TUG delivers excitement once again!

With a morning devoted to news of HPE and its deep port of R3 Corda to NonStop, it was hard to miss the bigger message concerning NonStop – HPE continues to place big bets on the future of NonStop for IT everywhere!

Margo and I have lost count of the number of times we have driven to Dallas, Texas. There have been years where we didn’t make it, but that has been only when there were other priorities. We have elected to drive different vehicles and over the years we have been seen driving our company command center (with the Corvette or Mini in tow), the Maserati GT-S, the Jeep SRT and most recently, our latest acquisition - the environmentally-friendly BMW hybrid, the i8. Of course, we see great potential in hybrid cars and their contribution to transportation so the i8 is just a step along the green path for both of us. 
Accompanying posts to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, are other posts to our social blog, Buckle-Up, and if you want to know more about the vehicles, there…

Summer is a-comin' – ready for HPE Discover!

Summertime and the number or RUG events heats up as we look ahead to HPE Discover; will we see you there?

Having recently downsized our home and moved further north, we had to find somewhere safe to park our vehicles. We have moved out of Boulder and now live just outside Ft Collins, really close to the Ft Collins HPE offices on E. Harmony Rd – just one freeway exit north of us. Margo’s reaction in the photo is one of surprise mixed with a little disbelief that we could indeed fit everything into our new 20’ X 50’ heated and secured storage garage. Yes, the RV, our trailer and Corvette along with our remaining motorcycle cruiser have it good and it means that on sunny January days, when the temperature along Colorado’s front ranges can climb as high as 70 degrees, we can go camping!

But forget winter, summer is now just a matter of a few weeks away and with summer almost on us, events, symposiums and conferences take center stage for the NonStop community. Shortly we will be getting in…