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Control, choices, and options!

It was a cold and stormy night! This is not a parody of some dreadful work of fiction – it was true and I was no longer in control and I had few choices. For the NonStop community, this may hit too close to home …

It’s taken some time, but I have finally settled back into my Boulder home and the daily routines are being re-established. However, I made a quick dash back to Northern California and to the Bay area to participate in track event, but was caught out badly on the return trip when an unexpected weather change brought with it a fierce snow storm.

As the full fury was unleashed on the Sierras I became trapped for many hours on the border with Nevada, along with every other driver on the interstate at that time. I did get the opportunity to drive my all-wheel-drive Skyline, but it proved only partially effective as the summer tires struggled for control – a most uncomfortable situation. So much so, that the only real option I had was to return to Truckee, California, and ride o…

Chance Encounters!

Like many within the NonStop community, I have received an invite to join a Webinar by Attunity - and I thought it may be good to go behind the scenes and check it out!

The past couple of days have seen me rack up the miles. A quick dash back to Simi Valley was followed almost immediately by a lengthy trip Johannesburg, South Africa, for the annual SATUG event. Changes of scenery always trigger appreciation of new perspectives with me, and this trip proved to be no exception.

At first it had been difficult to convince Margo to accompany me on this trip, but eventually she succumbed. In the past few years, often something unusual and unexpected has transpired while we were away, and upon returning, Margo has been disappointed not to have participated. This trip, fortunately, didn’t disappoint – and the picture above is of Margo enjoying a rare opportunity to see a friendly Cheetah up close.

It was during my previous trip to the SATUG event…

Too much clutter!

This is not the usual ramblings on my part focused solely on issues to do with NonStop. Nor is it a pipedream on my part! All I am suggesting in this post is we give due consideration to throwing away much of what we run today …

When plans were finalized to return to Boulder and to work from the home office, it didn’t immediately occur to me that this would involve moving a lot of stuff around. So much so, that after a couple of days I gave up and called a trash collection contracting service whose truck I had passed only a few days earlier.

All the same, it was a heart-wrenching moment when it came time to make the call as I was going to be discarding not just empty boxes and packing paper, but a couple of pieces of furniture as well as a several appliances I just hadn’t used for the past ten years. Rather than just adding more stuff to a growing collection of what at one time I had valued, the time had come to take a deep breath and just throw out the lot.

Dan and Tim from 1.800.GO…