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Of Crowds, Content and Corridors! The new three Cs of social media!

So, it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s keeping many of us housebound. Surely, this is a good time to check our favorite social media site!
This time of year is always a time to reflect. Whether it is the inclement weather that keeps us indoors or the winding down of the American football season, it’s all just reminders that this is a time when everything slows down. And rests! While biding my time I have been meeting with clients and working with a number of them preparing for webinars, the release of customer case studies and opinions papers, but in general, taking a second look at my office and wondering whether it is time to reorganize.

I have been back in Boulder working from my home office full time for just about a year. It was last January that the decision was made to forego the commuting to Southern California and to enjoy the home we built over a decade ago. As anyone that has experienced being an absent landlord of their own home can tell you the first few week…

The forgotten attribute …

In prior posts I have covered the key attribute of “availability” and within numerous other posts I have written about “scalability” but, when it comes to the key attributes that contribute to success of the HP NonStop Server platform, it’s time to address “data integrity”!

With winter firmly entrenched I have been returning to our garage routinely, and what a sad site it is – battery trickle-feed chargers scattered around the floor keeping cold batteries alive. Having chalked up a lot of miles in 2010 it seems quite strange to see vehicles left this way – brooding almost, seemingly ignored and forgotten, as conditions ill suit rear-wheel roadsters.
Should you look at my social blog, Buckle-Up-Travel,the June 27th, 2010, post “…finally succumbing to heat” you will read of an incident at the Willow Springs track that sidelined our car based on something that for many is simply ignored. Power-steering fluid – when was it that you last heard someone talking passionately about something a…

A trip to the other side!

The recent predictions provided by The Standish Group in a conference call included forecasts many within the NonStop community would be hard pressed to find fault with – but it will need us to take a second look!

Escaping the cold of winter turned out to be rather easy. And I didn’t have to leave the continental United States. Yes, in my last post I wrote of how shortly I would be in the Florida Keys – specifically, Key West – and now it’s only a day or so before I will be back in Boulder. For the time being, however, I am rested and warm even though a cold front moved through last night and despite the fact that I haven’t strayed too far from my laptop or mobile phone, just looking at the scenery made me feel like I am on vacation!
The photo above was taken as I stood underneath one of Key West’s better known landmarks marking the end of US Highway 1. A bit of a letdown in some respects, as this arterial highway simple peters out on a backstreet a little south of Key West’s more famo…