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It may be chaotic but NonStop sustains business faultlessly.

Despite the gravity of a situation, levity can be found in apparent chaos. Sometimes, at least! But for NonStop, data gravity is already being addressed …

I am always looking out for interesting photos, doesn’t really matter the subject or what might be taking place that captures the photographer’s interest. When I came across this photo of a truck losing a load of literally thousands of bottles of beer, creating chaos on a local highway and led to its closure, I simply couldn’t let it pass by without a comment.
It takes little to throw well-oiled plans into disarray. Inserting such variables into books and movies is what keeps us on the edge of our seats. For me, anything featuring a velociraptor has me cringing and for anyone who has ever sat in a darkened theater watching The Lion and The Darkness had probably experienced something similar. But as a car enthusiast, seeing so much debris on the road would have me turning away from the scene in a hurry.
Obviously, the beer bottles wer…

Changing rooms; cleaning house. Have you taken a good look at what NonStop delivers?

One thing that has accompanied the global pandemic is a complete rethink of where our applications and data reside. NonStop remains “in the house” supporting “workloads close to the data.”

With the global pandemic continuing to dominate headlines it’s hard not to think that the sky is falling. Perhaps Henny Penny was right, after all. Fortunately, nursery rhymes can only take us so far, but tragically there are many friends who really did have a piece of the sky fall on their heads as the world seemed to collapse around them! But what to do as we live, entertain and work all while practicing social distancing? Surely, there is stuff that needs doing! Can we take this time to clean the house? Change-up the look of a room or even change rooms so that the underutilized rooms become home offices?

In the Buckle’s residence, there has been a flurry of activity to do with furnishings and decorations. After three years of living in our Northern Colorado home, there were just a few things miss…

Right spot; right time!

Call it good planning or call it serendipitous but whatever the call, sometimes it just pays to be in the right place when news breaks. And this was the case as HPE Discover Virtual Experience reached out to us all!

It was late 1984 and I was returning to Sydney from a trip to Australia’s capital, Canberra. At that time I was working for Nixdorf Computers where I was managing the organization responsible for the introduction of Nixdorf’s Plug Compatible Mainframe (PCM) – the 8890. Having checked in early for my return flight I ventured into the Ansett Golden Wings lounge to relax. Ansett Airlines was the second national carrier alongside Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) and whereas Ansett eventually failed as an ongoing airline, in the early 1990s, TAA was gobbled up by that flying red rat, QANTAS.
For many of my friends in America, what then happened may hold little meaning but it so happened that I was in the right spot at the right time to meet the most gracious cricketer of the twent…