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NonStop community in its journey to virtualization values service providers!

From products, hardware and software, for the NonStop community conversations turn to solutions and staffing as services!
Looking out over this vista in Utah’s Capital Reef National Park I immediately thought of the saying “between a rock and a hard place.” Can’t imagine why this came to me, but then again, the barren landscape stretching to the horizon was certainly not a pleasant place in which to become lost – the river beds are mostly dry, with the vegetation providing little by way of shelter. No, best to take it all in from alongside the roadways that run across the ridges! If you have ever traversed Utah state highway 24 to the junction with Utah state highway 12 and then continued on to pick up US highway 89, you would see some amazing sights. And yet, as this picture captures so well, the desolation that you would face, should you leave the well-travelled highways that traverse the park, would definitely place you between a rock and a very hard place!

These past few days Margo…

Anniversary – how quickly they come around!

As we celebrate ten years blogging about NonStop there is no letup in the stories we can tell as investments in NonStop continue to reveal a NonStop in tune with the times …

Who would have predicted it? Who could have guessed that after leaving corporate life Margo and I could enjoy such a fun time working with the NonStop community! I for one never imagined it, but as I return to my office following a week on the road, literally, meeting with clients, I looked at my calendar and the date jumped off the page. It’s August 20 and I am about to start my twelfth year of posting to this blog. Yes, with this post, I celebrate more than a decade of blog posts – an anniversary worthy of further commentary.

At the heart of this celebration for Margo and me is that yes, we have something to celebrate. A completely revamped and transformed NonStop product line. There have been numerous occasions where I speculated about where I would like to see NonStop go, but that was purely speculative on my p…

Social media – what does it mean for NonStop?

It’s all about your customer experience; NonStop community needs to step up and join the conversation!

It was only a matter of time before I started writing for an automobile magazine. This shouldn’t come as too big a surprise to the NonStop community as for many years stories about cars have been liberally interwoven into story lines featuring NonStop systems. I am now writing a column for the National Auto Sports Association (NASA) magazine, Speed News. I have a really good professional editor in Brett Becker who is really helping me out when it comes to shortening my stream of consciousness and turning it into something you would want to read.

If you belong to NASA you may want to check it out as I am now covering the High Performance Driver Events (HPDE) sessions NASA runs for those who simply want to take their own cars out onto tracks across America to have fun in a safe environment. Usually, you will find all the cars headed in the same direction which isn’t necessarily the cas…