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Changes of approach; changes of storylines! And NonStop anchors it all!

NonStop vendors are not only capitalizing on changes taking place with NonStop they are becoming more prolific with their marketing outreach …
I am a stickler for clean windscreens. I have to admit I like to see where I am going and I just cannot stand smudges and blurs impeding my sight lines. I am also a focused driver on our highways, being one of those unusual drivers these days who simply lock away their mobile phone – no, you cannot talk to me. “Just leave a message, maybe I'll call,” sang the Eagle’s Joe Walsh many years ago. Right now I have a Jeep that is in dire need of having its windscreen cleaned, but as it’s our go-to vehicle I just keep putting it off. Maybe this weekend the car gets a thorough cleaning?

On the other hand, vision is something that has been the subject of a lot of talk of late among the members of the NonStop community – yes, there have been lots of RUG meetings each providing ample opportunity to talk to NonStop enthusiasts on topics ranging from th…

It’s a journey for NonStop across an ever-changing landscape!

A flight to Germany continues to be a rare occurrence for me and yet, GTUG held promise of more good news on NonStop so I simply had to go! 
It might appear that road trips have been a consistent theme of mine over the past couple of weeks. True, the topic of road trips always is close to my heart as I like getting out onto the highway to simply drive towards the horizon. And yet, it is also highly relevant in today’s technology environment – as much as I enjoy a changing landscape and a changing vista, every now and then the destination is important. Even if the neon sign flashing far out in the distance might only be that of a motel offering overnight accommodation, there is always the distinct possibility that something far more meaningful is being communicated.

Margo and I have just gotten back from a brief trip to Leipzig, Germany. Yes, as much as we bemoan air travel we simply had no other option than to head to the airport a couple of weekends ago and traverse a considerable pa…

Road Trip – old or new it doesn’t matter; it’s the journey!

Whenever opportunity presents itself for a road trip – then count us in! But with next month’s N2TUG event I will be retracing steps I first took back in 1976 that led to eventual move to the U.S.

Road trip! Road trip! Did someone say road trip? I have just wrapped up a post to our social blog about road trips, including ones prompted on short notice in small planes and yes, that counts. But more importantly for this audience, our next road trip will take us to Dallas for the N2TUG NonStop user event. There have not been too many user events that we have missed, but there is always something very special about Texan hospitality. And it’s no secret among the NonStop community that for this event, there will be even more that will be special – the founder of Tandem Computers himself, Jimmy T!

It’s a little known fact that my first ever residency in the US was in Dallas. I had been living in Edmonton, Alberta, where I had emigrated to from London, UK, – no, a London winter wasn’t cold eno…