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Three more wishes coming soon – the path ahead for NonStop.

So, another three years have passed by and I find myself writing a preview of what I will likely focus on in eighteen months’ time – my next three wishes for NonStop!

It wouldn’t be fair on my family if I said 2019 had been a routine year for Pyalla Technologies. It started with the return flight from Sydney, Australia, and continued with three separate trips to Europe plus a lengthy road trip to Las Vegas for HPE Discover 2019 combined with stops in southern California and participation in N2TUG back in Texas. The miles have added up but all the while even as the adventurous life continued to unfold, there was so much news coming out of HPE that scarcely a day passed without a discussion or two over what it all means.

Margo and I have our roots firmly anchored in NonStop, dating back to Tandem Computers where Margo had risen through the development organization all the way to the COO role under the stewardship of Bill Heil when Bill headed the NonStop Software BU. As for me, I sampl…

Working on my rewrite; NonStop evolving its endgame (for now)!

An opportunity to enjoy a “BizCation Voyage” through the heart of Europe gave us the chance to interact with communities and in so doing, gave us pause to consider one possible NonStop: Endgame as of right now!

For the past two weeks Margo and I have been crisscrossing the industrial heartland of central Europe. It’s been a fortnight of canals, locks, bridges and yes, you guessed it; Europe’s major rivers. Starting out in Amsterdam, we travelled down the Rhine River for a couple of days before entering the Main River. From there it was a simple case of entering the Main to Danube canal with its impressive locks that lifted our craft over the continental divide, as it was called, but at less than 1,000 feet high unimpressive to us Coloradans, our travels ended with a couple of days of floating on the blue Danube.

Our time in Europe saw us interacting with clients at both ends of the journey both of which contributed to us better understanding the current political climate of this part …

Gliding up the river; pushing deeper into the landscape

Infrastructure has dominated the conversations of late and for a very good reason – NonStop continues to contribute!

Traversing Europe via rivers and canals is always a cool thing to do and this time, we are actually getting to see the countryside in a little more detail than previously experienced. You see, way back in the early 2000s, we booked a river cruise to take us from Munich (Passau) to the Black Sea. Unfortunately, two days into the voyage we were advised upon arrival in Vienna that there would be no further movement of the vessel – the Danube had risen too high for the boat to fit under the bridges. Of course, we didn’t mind, as a week in Vienna was perhaps not too shabby a second prize! But it did remind us of the importance of infrastructure – don’t make the bridges high enough and your all-important tourist traffic stays put!

Business took us to Amsterdam and with a chance to check in on folks in Frankfurt and then spend some time in Budapest gave us the opportunity to pl…

Some late-developing thoughts from HPE Discover, 2019

Pointnext; Greenlake; Intelligent Edge; OneSphere; OneView; Synergy; NonStop – yes, it was all covered at HPE Discover 2019 and cloudless has substance!

There was time enough to think back on all that was covered at HPE Discover, 2019. One of the side benefits in driving to big-tent marketing events like this is that the trip back will be one that will have you thinking no matter the distances covered. In our case, it was a matter of traversing deserts and mountains, not forgetting the many rivers in full flood following a really snowy winter. A winter, mind you, that continued to dump snow on us poor Coloradans right up to the last week of May. There’s even the possibility that there will be ski runs open for the Fourth of July festivities.

Following HPE Discover on this occasion there was little time to dwell on what was revealed as a trip to Grapevine, Texas, was required as the N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) meeting took place a matter of just a couple of days later. No matter wh…