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300 posts? It’s been all rather simple to do!

Celebrating an anniversary is not something I am all that good at – the number affixed to our track car reminds me of my wedding anniversary and is a constant reminder not to forget that important date – however, 300 is not an insignificant number and worth reflecting on …
It would be so tempting just to let this hold over for a couple of days. Say till April 1st, maybe? But for those tracking posts to this blog, this post represents the 300th posting in almost seven years. Yes, I have been helped along the way with a couple of posts from Margo, but all the same, to those who think there’s not much that’s new about NonStop – will hit the print key and see how much paper you will need!

The picture above was taken from the movie of the same name but don’t read too much into this choice of celebratory graphic. Apart from a nonsense storyline, I liked the technology used in its creation and that’s all I have to say at this point. However, celebrating 300 is still a feat that I wouldn’t ha…

The road takes a turn … NonStop attracts another partner to North America!

Leaving the beaten path to visit a small village north of San Francisco gave me an opportunity to have coffee with the chief executive of yet another payments vendor setting up shop in here in the States and it proved to be time well spent …
One of the first things visitors to northern California want to do is to visit the wine country surrounding Napa and Sonoma. For the more adventurous, the trip down the Russian River to the coast is also a journey not to be missed. During the years I lived in Cupertino, whenever there was a free weekend I would head north on Highway One and take in the sights of a coastline. Driving though is not for the faint of heart as the road is full of blind crests and numerous hidden turns. Approaching each corner can be cause for doubt; knowing what’s ahead, or even what’s around the corner, was a challenge.

Having made this journey numerous times over three decades I thought I knew the place fairly well but when I was invited to meet a vendor in Mill Val…

It’s simply good cricket – NonStop’s Australian connection!

The game of cricket revolves around confidence even as it calls for bold actions by those participating. But it’s not just sportsman that Australia produces as it is the home of many vendors supporting the NonStop community – and all find traction with the user community!
Wickets continue to fall and run chases simply petered out – of course we are talking cricket and coming off the complete obliteration of the English side, Australia has drawn first-blood against the highest ranked cricketing nation, South Africa. Even so, as of right now, Australia is holding its collective breath, hoping its good fortune continues and right now, it’s delicately poised.

This is not the first time I have turned to cricket as a way to ease into a topic, but the turn-around in Australia’s cricketing fortunes has surprised everyone who follows the game that today accounts for about a third of the planet’s population. When compared to the populations of Great Britain, India and Pakistan, as well as South…