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The new transformed NonStop; brash, and in your face!

The title may be unexpected and indeed, a little off-putting but perceptions about NonStop are transforming. And IT professionals are learning not to ignore NonStop – after all it’s still all about transactions!

Even as I was thinking about the subject for this blog post, Margo was busy posting to our social blog, Tails of Dragons, Plates of Gumbo and Streets of Bourbon. Among the pictures she included was one I took of her on the corner of Orleans and Bourbon Streets, New Orleans. This was just a few short weeks ago and without giving away the storyline in Margo’s post; we were completing a circuitous road trip to Atlanta and back to Boulder.

However, the evening that I took this picture was also memorable for another reason – for the first time in a very long time, I was surprised by the antics of a street performer. I sensed something was about to happen, but what happened right in front of me was remarkable all the same. Perhaps it was the stare the street actor gave me or simply t…

Big, is getting a whole lot bigger; Yottabytes isn’t a Star Wars character!

We all understand Big Data but what about Big Transactions as in lots and lots of transactions – so many that today’s showcase Big Data Centers will only get bigger and bigger … and when discussions turn to transactions, it’s hard to overlook Nonstop!

Big things have always fascinated me. My very first job was at the Steelworks, south of Sydney, where air conditioning of the computer facility was its only redeeming feature. Otherwise, the heat and noise, and often the sheer terror it espoused, gave it a sense of being otherworldly when first encountered. Nothing about a steelworks is minute or delicate and finesse has no place in the presence of such massive structures visible everywhere you turn.

For more on my days at the steelworks, check back to the post of March 26, 2008,A question of balance! I came across this reference when I was scrolling through earlier posts looking for a particular post, written while attending an earlier user event in Las Vegas, before HP Discover came abou…

A big “thumbs-up” for NonStop!

Popular news publications talk of doom and gloom for technology behemoths but for those who choose NonStop, the journey continues – and it’s all good news!
Back behind my desk, following the road-trip through the south-eastern states of the U.S. even as I work, the memories keep coming back. Apart from the destinations – Atlanta and New Orleans being the cities we spent the most time visiting – it was once again, about the journey. Over the years, we have managed to fill up the garages, so whenever we plan a road-trip one of the last questions addressed is always over which car we will choose to drive.

As you can tell from the picture above, the Nissan GT-R proved to be the winner this time. The photo, courtesy of, captures us cornering rather aggressively along Tennessee highway 129, otherwise known as the tail of the dragon due to many corners that have been carved out of a very short mountain crossing. With me giving the thumbs-up then yes, it was Margo behind the whee…