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How did that happen – I have hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT is the new normal, according to one HPE blogger, for the NonStop community it may only be a matter of time before the plans of both NonStop and hybrid IT intersect …

Let’s face it. There are many disruptions that can interrupt our routines. Not that long ago I was a regular at the local fitness center but now, having moved, I haven’t found a new place to go exercise. I have always loved to walk and there will be some of you from my time at Tandem Computers who may recall that most mornings I could be seen with fellow walkers striding the sidewalks of Cupertino. Even when I lived in Simi Valley I would devise a routine that had me cirling the shopping center where my Starbucks was located so that I could eke out a 20 minute walk. I don’t know what it is but I am horrible at improvising and unless I have a set time and place to do something, I find ways to duck whatever task or activity I had set out to do.

On the other hand, we only just coming out of winter here, along the Co…

Yes, I read it in a blog!

With HPE CEO Antonio Neri posting and tweeting – HPE strategy is becoming clearer and it is all good news for the NonStop community!
Most of my background in IT is well known to the NonStop community but this isn’t the time to dig into the archives and reflect on past accomplishments. However, and just an observation in passing, for someone who was often told that he would find it hard to stick to doing just one thing well, maybe there is a story here after all. The NonStop community is witnessing change, but change a little different from what the rest of IT is observing. Yes, we are embracing hybrid IT in one form or another and yes, we are coming to terms with virtualization, provisioning and software-defined-everything. And yet, for the NonStop community, change is happening in unforeseen ways as it wrestles with where NonStop is headed amid concerns about “what is NonStop!” 

Expressed differently, are we happy to be given more options as to how we deploy NonStop or are unhappy abou…

Our strategy for new applications is to build and deploy off-premise!

It is becoming all too clear. For the NonStop user the world is changing rapidly as we move to hybrid IT and look to a virtualized NonStop. Where will find the help we will more than likely need?

Only this week I was visiting our new off-premise storage facility where we are now storing vehicles we can no longer accommodate on-premise, at our home. The company command center – yes, our faithful RV that many of you have seen at recent RUG events, our motorcycle, our trailer and even our fifteen year old Corvette “track toy!” It is not a cavernous storage facility by any means but it does come heated and with a number of different power outlets including one 30amp circuit which should be enough to keep the command center’s refrigerator working and the drinks chilled. Now, all we need is a couple of chairs and we have a new weekend retreat! Well, perhaps not …

Fortunately it is all rather simple and we don’t need to have someone present looking after the facility. There is a management co…