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So much to read – so many comments! Where to turn?

Have you been following comments posted to this blog? To discussions started on LinkedIn groups? One recent exchange caught my eye so I pulled it into this post and added my own observations …

My day may end with reading a menu, as illustrated above, but when my day starts it is always with a review of papers and reports from well-known daily publications, including a selection from Europe and of course Australia. The scope varies significantly but includes business publications, sports commentaries, some scientific articles as well as headlines from the popular press. Over coffee, I manage to skim as many as a dozen sources and there is no real objective in mind when I begin – a story or commentary just has to have enough “special ingredients” to catch my attention.
Following the early morning reading, I turn to skimming items on LinkedIn. While I check in with Facebook, I’m nowhere near as religious about my Facebook presence as I am about LinkedIn. Staying current with the 40 plus gr…

Yet three more wishes!

At any major event, there is no more anticipated presentation than the vendor’s roadmap presentations … but wait, there’s always more! Looking ahead and framing as my wishes is just one approach that I take to speculate, which I can do without suffering the consequences vendors would face should they speculate!
It’s been six years since I first blogged about my wishes for NonStop – in the posts of February 12, 2008, and February 13, 2011. Now that it is February 14, 2014, it seems only appropriate for me to look at how far the NonStop platform has come, in terms of modernization as well as commoditization, and to express opinions on a likely future of the NonStop servers.

Whether it’s coincidence or not, the previous posts have featured photographs of cars that no longer can be found in the garage. Does it truly reflect my ability to predict the future or not, they didn’t make the cut! The cars pictured above tell a story of their own and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will …

Steering a safe course – a journey through the snow!

Enjoying a drive, safely, is all part of the travel experience. When it comes to having a positive financial experience, the outlook is a whole lot bleaker. So, what can we do and more specifically, what value can NonStop provide?

Greetings from sunny San Francisco, even as the rest of the country suffers under the realities of a very harsh winter. Electing to spend a week in the Bay area certainly proved to have its upsides but little did I know just how cold it would get. However, the drive to the Bay held the promise for some tough driving, so of course we elected to take the long way to, and now from, the sunny delights of San Francisco.

Safety is of paramount importance to Margo and me as we pursue our business travels. A long time ago we gave up on flying, as many readers will recall, and it wasn’t just that flying had lost much of its glamour, but rather, not having options turned out to be an option we neither enjoyed or even came close to tolerating. A safe journey is not only…