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Someone say, Road-Trip!

When it comes to getting jobs, is my generation any different to Millennials and Gen Y – and will NonStop remain important even to this younger generation?

This year, I have enjoyed a little more time off than usual and the downtime has been much needed. That’s not to say I have been working less, but where I have been working from has been on the move – the RV, now the company command center, is fully operational. Road-trip! With replicated networking services, portable printers, and an array of laptops, tablets and smartphones, the company has been firing on all cylinders even as we have covered a lot of miles.

While not strictly a vacation, it did allow Margo and me to enjoy the July 4th holiday alongside a lake in Minnesota (the picture above is of the company command center as close to the edge of the lake as I was prepared to drive the RV). Being lakeside afforded me ample time to read many of the discussions active on LinkedIn and it was hard to miss the many laments from my gen…

How do you know what will make your product fly?

We came back from a particularly lovely dinner, having been invited to celebrate the birthday of our friend Gabi, who is the wife of comForte’s Executive VP of Sales, Dieter Orlowski. It was a dinner to remember; we said, “Oh, deer!” so many times … As the restaurant is situated on a top of a hill in Boulder, there are always deer coming by, young and old. The photo below is of a deer that came really close.

On our way home we talked about partnerships and about product success – what makes a product fly?

As Infrasoft was forming, we had a lot of discussions on what will be the “next big thing”. Strong in networking, it was only natural to gravitate to products related to networks. Thinking of what to name our product, we chose uLinga, which means “to fly” in Australia’s Aboriginal language. When we first planned the uLinga product suite we thought that a new capability to more directly interface with CICS and IMS would be welcome in the marketplace. Preserving APIs on both the IBM and N…

Are our wishes still important?

When was the last time you really wished NonStop systems would do something different? Support something extra? Or simply wished you knew more about its future? The third anniversary of “my three wishes for NonStop” is only seven months away …

This past weekend saw me yet again at a car track. This time, it was a return visit to High Plains Raceway (HPR), just outside Denver, and arguable our home track. Readers of my social blog may recall in the most recent post, Getting much needed seat time – but will it be enough? I backed our Corvette into the wall at Sonoma and messed it up. Fortunately, it’s all sorted out now and we were able to enjoy our time at the track.

That evening came the word that Saturday would see me taking an instructor on track who would then approve me for a higher group – something I have wished forever since taking up the sport. Then again, I was reminded of the need to be careful about what we wish for in case our wishes come true – there are always some new r…