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Those Special Occasions!

I’m posting this on the road as I drive to MATUG in Philadelphia, PA. However, before we packed the bags and began the drive, we had an opportunity to celebrate with friends and when it comes to NonStop, I was reminded of earlier posts and yes, I do get it!
Had a good friends, Brian and Jan, over for the weekend; a mix of business and good meals with fine wine. In this case the friend, Brian, is someone with whom I can share my business plans as well as my interests in cars – yes, when asked where he was by a former neighbor, Brian simply responded “I’m with the Buckles, driving Corvettes and drinking good red wine”. As it turned out, he was here for his birthday as well, and on a special occasion like this, it called for something equally as special from the wine cellar.

As I pulled the cork from a 1993 Silver Oak – a great California Cabernet Sauvignon – I have to admit, I was apprehensive. I was real careful removing the cork as it had dried, and once I had it out of the bottle I de…

For NonStop users, moving data isn’t distracting!

Moving files comprised of punched cards or indeed, magnetic tape, was so 20th century and yet, when it comes to even the most advanced transaction processing systems, files still need to be moved and often this is the specialty of a select few boutique businesses.  

Out on America’s interstate highways you see transportation evolving on an almost continuous basis. With the regular trips we make to the west coast, whether it is to HP in Palo Alto or my other clients in the greater Los Angeles area, we have seen extended sleeper compartments behind the cabs of big rigs simply getting bigger and we have seen much greater use of aerodynamics on nearly every truck we pass. However, on these trips we have also seen the venerable dump, or tip, truck lose ground to massive side dump trucks – often hauled in tandem behind a single tractor or prime mover. With highway maintenance resulting in huge tracts of roadway being torn up, it’s no surprise to see these monsters at work. 

Forced to stop an…

Yet another anniversary … yet another post! And NonStop holds firm …

I am still at it and the posts keep on coming. No surprises here but the readership continues to grow and fair enough, the message on NonStop is attracting an even bigger audience. Yes, it’s all happening and shortly, user events will dominate NonStop community agendas worldwide!
I had to remind myself not to forget writing this post; after all, remembering anniversaries remains an important consideration in all we do. Shortly, I will be returning to the race track for one more time before summer ends and there’s no escaping that, with the coming of autumn, winter is only a few weeks away. Already fall colors are in evidence everywhere; the neighborhood pools are being closed, gardens are undergoing their annual clean-up and trim, and inside garages battery tenders are being readied for use. 
This year I will skip a lengthy introduction and just come out with it – seven years of posting to this NonStop community blog are now behind me as of last month and now it’s time to look ahead at…