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NonStop? Radical transformation!

It’s not every day that I get to chat informally with HP’s Martin Fink but on this occasion, the commencement of my sixth year of blogging, I couldn’t think of anyone better to feature!

"I am writing (this post) with the expectation of presenting a slightly different view of NonStop than might be presented elsewhere and I am writing it to generate further discussion,” so I opened with in my very first post to Real Time View in August, 2007. “I am openly soliciting your feedback and I can assure you I will be reading all (the) correspondence that I receive." And so it is that I am now celebrating five years of blogging and as I begin my sixth year I thought it only appropriate that I turn to the head of HP Business Critical Systems, Senior VP and General Manager, Martin Fink, for his thoughts about the past five years and possibly, for some insight as to what we should anticipate seeing in the near future.

But first, when I began blogging I had just finished five years of asso…

Sailing, tacking and avoiding conflicts!

Even as the news about the initial court ruling begins to fade (as HP launches new, low-cost, NS2100 NonStop systems), and the Olympic Games become just a distant memory, will we see a return to business-as-usual between HP and Oracle?
Perhaps it is the video clips that appear in the evening news broadcasts on television or perhaps the snapshots that seem to be appended to breaking news stories appearing on my iPad, but during the past couple of weeks it has been almost impossible to miss all that is happening at the Olympic Games. As an expat Aussie living in America, whenever the Olympics take place it is one of the few times when I truly miss living in Sydney – one of the most obsessed sports-crazy cities in the world. That is, apart from Melbourne, of course.

And of course I love the sailing – was that an Aussie yachtsman that just won the gold medal in the Laser Class of single-handed dinghies? Didn’t a pair of Aussie yachtsmen win gold medals in the 49er Skiff Class? My fondness…

Just messin' about ...

Who hasn’t been messin’ about with clouds today? Who hasn’t toyed with one application leveraging Clouds? But are we all talking about the same thing and are our objectives similar? And what of Clouds, powered by NonStop?

Having been absent landlords of our own home for several years, with a year spent living in Omaha followed almost immediately with five more years living in Simi Valley, there were other communities who took advantage of us not being around. We have seen our home become a popular nesting place for a collection of pigeons, doves, as well as the regular mix of sparrows and starlings. What we hadn’t noticed building their own castle were the wasps, and it was only over a BBQ that comForte’s Dieter Orlowski pointed them out, suggesting we get professional pest exterminators as wasps simply weren’t something you wanted to mess with!

A few days later the professional did arrive and after exterminating the wasps he then removed the nest, reassembled it on the back of his truc…