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Not a clear view ahead?

The NonStop community has always been willing to give new solutions a try and many PoC’s have been undertaken to look at what is on offer from a vendor. And guiding these decisions has been the vendor’s product roadmaps! For perhaps the last time I crossed the continental divide and returned to Simi Valley, a trip I have taken as many as fifty times these past four plus years. But with this trip my final destination isn’t to be Simi Valley, but Boulder, Colorado at the moment is many miles behind me. After spending as much time as I have in Simi, and despite having built several great friendships, I am looking forward to a less disruptive time working out of my home office.
As I pushed deeper into the mountains, what I could see wasn’t all that clear. And the photo above was taken through the front windscreen of my trusty Escalade SUV as I descended Vail pass – snow flurries obscuring major landmarks! With a posted speed of 65mph, a little over 100kph, I could barely see enough of the …

Three years on, and three more wishes!

Car racers perform well when they pull from experience and after 35 years, experience suggests there's a lot more coming for the HP NonStop server. Imagine it – a NonStop in every Hybrid platform!

For several days I resisted the temptation of working cars into the storyline of this week’s blog, as for the past couple of weeks there’s been more than a liberal sprinkling of car photos and this will be the third time in as many weeks. But somehow the number three is relevant to this post’s storyline so I have gone ahead and used one more car picture.

The photo above is of me close by the pit exit at Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR), that up until recently wore the title of the fastest track in the west. The one take-away I have from the time spent out on road courses is that focus is paramount and improvement only comes with practice. Experience developed over the years is what sets racers apart.

And practice, practice, practice – there’s absolutely no substitute for th…

Hybrids? Careful what you ask for …

Auto industry is in turmoil with alliances, government funding, and IPOs only adding to a sense of dramatic changes yet to come. And the rush to produce Hybrid cars may be a foretaste of what may come for today’s CIO!

The weather has been almost perfect here, in Southern California, and last weekend I had the good fortune of driving the roadster through the canyons of Malibu. The picture above is of Margo and me descending Mulholland Drive; my eyes fixed on the exit of the turn, as we headed to The Rock Store, a popular hangout for the likes of Jay Leno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It was taken by the professional photographers from “” who just happened to snap us on the descent - and for those of you well to the East of us and snowbound, check out the Spring flowers already in bloom!

Having none of the electronics or “nannies” watching over us, relying on old-school techniques, driving the roadster took me back to the times when all cars called upon the skills of the…