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Stories we could tell …

So this is the first post of my fifth year and what better topic to pick to celebrate such a start than what we take with us from user events - regional as well as global. Times are changing and the web is playing a bigger role, but I sure do look forward to any opportunity that comes my way to join with users ...

“Talkin’ to myself again
Wonderin’ if this traveling is good
Is there something else a doin’
We’d be doin’ if we could …”

Today, August 30th, has been celebrated in my family since I was born. Both my parents were born in the same day, different years. In 2009, my father passed away but he is survived by my mother. In the neighborhood where I grew up, my father was the first anyone knew who had spent time living in America. Following in the footsteps of my grandfather, my father was a printer.

I was reminded of this when I walked into my library and came across a framed original of my grandfather’s indentures signed in July, 1902, that bonded him, as an apprentice, for six y…

Fourth Anniversary!

For many, four years may not represent a lengthy time span. Many have worked on projects that spanned many more years! On the other hand, when it comes to my own handicraft, who knew! And yes, who could have guessed … and now I’m kicking off my fifth year of blogging!

There have been many postings to this blog where I have included pictures of cars. On more than one occasion it’s been of the blue Corvette coupe in which I have tried my hand at driving on different circuits in Western United States. Pictures that I have included have clearly shown the number 116 affixed to the car. More astute observers may even recall a picture of my SUV with the same number affixed high in the rear window.

The choice of number for the Corvette, required by clubs before the coupe can turn a wheel on any circuit, took very little time to determine. After all, January 16th is my wedding anniversary and having forgotten (just once, in 2009, mind you) every time I walk through the garage now, I cannot he…

NonStop revels in Clouds!

Perhaps the biggest surprise for many at HP Discover, was the demonstration of GuardianAngel – NonStop, capitalizing on cloud resources – and for Enterprise users, a whole new way to view cloud computing!

Business took me into Omaha last week, and then I headed off to Minneapolis. Rather than driving an American car, I drove an import on this trip and though this has little to do with the immediate story, when the return trip took us through Sturgis, South Dakota, during the annual motorcycle festival, there were moments when I had second thoughts about the wisdom of what I had done.

The picture above shows me standing in the center of the street surrounded by motorcycles stretched out as far as the eye could see. And the overwhelming choice of the rally participants was American-made bikes and the older the better. Surprising, there was even an exhibit by the motorcycle vendor, Indian, who I thought had long since left the scene following a brief resurrection a few years back.

And …