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Working from home and doing overtime!

It may not always be smooth sailing ahead but for NonStop, our journey continues; better hands than mine are on the tiller and nobody is getting wet … Almost forgotten this day, given the world’s current plight of fighting the global pandemic, was how this blog passed yet another milestone. As we started the month of September it was the beginning of our fourteenth year of blogging. Yes, thirteen years have passed since the first post appeared, August 29, 2007.  When it comes to the subject matter of NonStop, there has been no end to the stories that we can tell and even after all these years, I have no thoughts about easing up on the posts. There’s just too much excitement about NonStop still to come!When I first started blogging I did so from a corner desk tucked away on the landing of our Simi Valley rental townhouse. Commuting between Boulder and Simi Valley, even as I was working out of San Francisco, meant time on the road to kick around ideas with Margo that mostly wound up in o…

Coming up on the busy season – will we see your participation?

In previous years, with the coming of fall, participation in NonStop user events has dominated our calendars. For 2020, it’s changed and we have gone virtual: Will you be logging into upcoming virtual events? Sports events kicked off a short time ago. It’s all now very serious. Here in the US the National Football League (NFL) has already started its fall classic even as colleges get back onto the gridiron. Crowds may be nothing more than cut out silhouettes even as some sporting events have opened the gates to a tightly monitored small group of fans. At this weekend’s Indy races, where the Governor’s consent only arrived a week before cars went on track, it was a case of there being only 8,000 fans on hand around a three mile circuit. In F1 it was similar, only that there were no spectators whatsoever. As governments hold the reigns tightly in the hope that this global pandemic can be managed and biotech labs hustle to bring to market lifesaving vaccines, it is clear to all and sundry…

What insights are we looking forward to; transactions meet analytics!

Even as the finishing touches were put on the upcoming September issue of NonStop Insider, it proved too hard to ignore the observations about NonStop, analytics and the age of insight!
The telltale signs of summer coming to an end are beginning to become apparent here in Northern Colorado. In a matter of a few days’ time, snow is predicted with a forecast maximum temperature of only 39 degrees, Fahrenheit (4 C), and summer isn’t truly over nor has Fall arrived. Too bad about those last lazy days of summer being spent around a lake or on your favorite bike trail – change is on its way and there’s little we can do to stop it. On the other hand, it’s hard to reason with the season, or so Jimmy Buffett sang some time back.  Driving to my local car service center, a warning message appeared – overdue service, 8/2020 – which was the first indication that anything was required, raised an eyebrow. Standing by the service center desk I was politely informed that it would be several weeks befor…