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Anticipate Change …

As much as we all anticipate warmer weather to arrive so too does the NonStop community anticipate change. But let’s be careful about the advice coming from friends …

Each time I think I am making a final reference to winter, along comes a storm to remind us all living here, in North America, that we have ways to go before warm weather arrives. Driving back to Colorado, following another week visiting with colleagues and friends in northern California, we were caught up in yet another winter blast where driving proved difficult. While there are many heading south for Spring Break, a ritual I still don’t fully understand, we are not among them and the only view we have is of snow-clad trees.

But change is on the way. I get the sense that readers of this blog share only a passing interest in what is happening here in Boulder, but are far more interested in observations about the changing nature of NonStop systems and how this is reflected in changes appearing across the NonStop community…

Before it rains, or even snows; check out the clouds!

The cloud is the love child of the internet and virtualization” was posted to a LinkedIn discussion - is that all it is? Is there anything more? For the NonStop community it’s getting “exciting”, to quote Jimmy!

Today we live in a stylized world. Symbols are created as a shorthand way to convey information as well as to reinforce historical connections taking us back, so as to speak, to better times. As the latest generation Corvette was unveiled by GM in Detroit, just a few weeks ago, it was the appearance of a very stylized chrome stingray along each side of the car that generated considerable interest. It was as if the presence of the stylized stingray legitimized the car, irrespective of what might be present under the hood!

I have often wondered about how stylized images and what they depict resonate with communities. We see a yellow diamond with a black cutout of a deer alongside a road and immediately we know to be careful as there could be wildlife crossing in front of our car…

Fight like a man or fight like a girl?

For many, many years I have worked in IT – and as a women, you would know just “how alone” you are if you attempted to use the restrooms at breaks during conferences – long lines to men’s but nearly empty women’s bathrooms. Yeah, it had its good sides. I guess.

Most of the female coworkers in that environment you might describe as “Tom boys” – in conversations with many I found out that they grew up with a bunch of brothers, or their father always wanted a boy and tried to bring them up as one, or they came from a foreign land and were simply fighters to start with. All three apply to me, sadly.

Consider the words from the song “Fight Like a Girl” by Bomshel:

“I'll hold my head high
I'll never let this define
The light in my eyes
Love myself, give it hell
I'll take on this world”
Seriously, and I realize it is an inflammatory subject, there is a huge difference between managing teams made up mostly of men versus those made up of women.
The biggest difference, in my experience…