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Another anniversary … and NonStop still holds center stage!

Anniversaries are always important and there’s always consequences should we fail to remember them. When it comes to blogging there’s no similar downside but all the same, from a bloggers perspective, there’s a genuine mix of surprise along with the thought of only having just begun – so yes, thanks for all you support over these past eight years!
Last year I was a couple of days late in posting the anniversary post and opened with an apology that kicked off with me reminding myself not to forget writing the post; after all, remembering anniversaries remains an important consideration in all we do. But I do forget key dates and for many years now, following an incident I will not get into in any detail, the number of our car that we have driven on road courses for many years is 161 – yes, a reminder of the 16th of January, my wedding anniversary. With the completion of this post, I will commence my 9th year of blogging having first posted on August 20, 2007. As for the cars now in the …

Modernization versus Modern – is there a difference?

Working on an upcoming feature for the Sep / Oct, 2015, issue of the NonStop community magazine, The Connection gave me the opportunity to differentiate between modernization and modern even as it gave me an opportunity to look at the subject a little differently in this post …
As much as I continue to enjoy living in America now that I have U.S. citizenship, after twenty plus years of residency, it’s hard for me to ignore what’s happening in my country of birth. I still tape the Rugby League matches that make it up here – well, DVR rather than tape, I should say – and of course, who can ignore last weekend’s monumental Rugby performance as the Wallabies beat the All Blacks from New Zealand for the first time in goodness knows when. However, the games keep evolving and the rules change constantly, so much so that the modern game of Rugby – League and Union – has elements I simply don’t recognize from the time I committed so many days to playing both codes.

In previous posts I have wri…

Redundancy! How many NonStop systems needed to bring merriment?

HP NonStop systems have embrace industry standards and yet, for many their fault tolerant properties don’t eliminate the need for redundant systems – a lesson learnt from years of experience as nothing can eliminate disasters and just plain bad luck!
In client newsletters and in posts to other blogs I have bemoaned the fact that even with additional cars in the garage there can be times when you simply don’t have a car to drive. Such was the case in July when even the company command center, the ever reliable RV, was checked in for a routine service. In the same week, the Corvette was diagnosed with having no brakes and had to wait for new pads and rotors, even as punctures took out both of the remaining cars. Yes, the “Trackhawk” Jeep SRT8 pictured above (with ultra-low-profile tires, sometimes a leak can be hard to detect but trust me, it was flat), as well as our Grand Tourer where a front tire simply rolled right off the rim were both victims to flat tires - "when it rains, it…