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Comes the revolution

If you have seen this post before it is because I have submitted it to a few other places, but I am re-posting here in case you have missed it ...
So, why do I think InkaBinka is a revolutionary invention? See, revolution is about freedom! When I go to my I get the refreshing snippets of information on various topics, but I have no freedom of choosing which snippets appear and where on my screen they are located! With my InkaBinka screen I have a freedom of deciding which snippets I see, I choose which parts of the various web sites will be my snippets, I decide if they at the top, bottom, left or right side of my screen. I get bored with one, I can replace it. I want more, I can add another one. That’s freedom, that’s liberating! It is truly my page, and I am not dictated to which are the important pieces of my information.
The time slider, which is not available anywhere else, allows me to go back and see what was displayed in my snippet before: one application is national sec…

When there is a will…

We were sitting in the lobby area of a Denver Tech Center hotel, waiting for our next meeting and conversation somehow went toward the difference between a corporate environment and a startup or a small, private company.

We talked about meetings – which were mostly boring and not conclusive in the corporate environment – nobody seemed to own a decision and so we would gather to discuss the same topic over and over again. Then a new person, who was absent at the previous meeting would arrive, the group would brief him on the progress and share a conclusion – the new person would say that he needs to noodle on it and can’t concur – so another meeting would be called. Nightmare; looking back at my corporate life I can recall several of these lengthy meetings that lead to absolutely nothing. To contrast that with a startup – the people all determined to make a decision and to move forward, the rule of majority making a decision or a leader determining the course of action, as the case may…

Ideas! Innovations! Will we keep on inventing?

I first introduced the inventor Kevin to this readership several years ago – from my coffee shop days while visiting Simi Valley. Little did I know then that he would deliver technology that would change the way we think of internet access!

I may have avoided the cold and snow of Boulder for a couple of weeks, but it was only temporary and Margo and I have returned to find the temperatures dropping much lower than we have seen in quite a while. The cold, or flu bug, we picked up 16 days ago, despite the steps we took to be vaccinated, still has us in its grip and for much of the time we have been back home, we have felt miserable. From emails we have received from colleagues it seems we aren’t alone in our misery as much of North America is suffering, but at least, it has given us both an opportunity to catch up on work we put to one side as the holidays arrived.

As a writer, commentator, and more often these days, an analyst, getting to the latest headlines of publications I follow is…

NonStop, on the line that connects the dots!

With as much discussion and promotion by HP of the importance of Social Media, Mobile, Big Data and Clouds following references made during HP CEO Whitman keynote of HP Discover 2012 potential roles for NonStop should not be overlooked.

This week I am far removed from the cold weather that is holding my home town of Boulder, Colorado, captive. The snow began falling Christmas eve and when we awoke Christmas day we enjoyed a beautiful sunny white Christmas, complete with snow-capped mountains framing as much of the western horizon that we could see. A number of the Rockies famous 14ers – those peaks topping 14,000 feet – could be readily identified but as beautiful a picture it presented, there was no escaping just how cold it was, so it was best to stay indoors.

But as I write this post I am again in sunshine and it’s much warmer given that I am now in Palm Desert, California. The picture above? We did manage to play tourists for a day and took the Palm Springs aerial tram to the top …