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Just how fast is change happening?

Within the NonStop community change has always occurred at a measured pace, but with NonStop X and virtualized NonStop will that still be the case and can the NonStop team do it all by themselves?

It has become a popular practice, fraught with danger and unintended consequences, changing lanes without signaling in the hope of jumping into a lane that is moving a lot faster! In some metros signaling that you are about to change lanes typically encourages the slower driver in that lane to accelerate; closing the door on any opportunity to capitalize on traffic that is moving more quickly. Indicating your intent, such obvious signs of being courteous, is taken to be signs of weakness; a passive driver unsure of their next move. However, the desire to get to a destination more quickly is inherent in every driver on America’s freeways (as it is in other countries I have visited) even if that means taking risks.

When it comes to technology, it has always been a race – an opportunity to out…

Of culture, and what we take for granted!

When it comes to our culture and the mindset that sustains our culture, the NonStop community shows flexibility and resilience. But can it continue moving forward as everything around NonStop transforms?

It doesn’t take all that much to witness a cultural transformation. From a home where there was always a little bit of Australiana filtering through the conversations, it was just a week ago when our Windsor home became a Polish mecca. For five days, it was only Polish spoken in the home and the food selections reflected Polish traditions – lots of eggs, processed sausages, potatoes and yes, Vodka! Most every night it was a case of simply sitting down at the bar and sharing different Polish regional delicacies that somehow Margo managed to whip up. Fortunately, the intrusion of another culture wasn’t painful and it demonstrated that there is little hindrance to changing cultures whenever the mix of participants brings with it all the necessary elements to drive such a change. 

For many…

And now, for something completely different …

HPE NonStop team has certainly unveiled much that has surprised the NonStop community and as unexpected as it may have been, it’s positioning NonStop to play in an even bigger marketplace for 2019!

While this picture was taken during our recent trip to Sydney, this post will not be about Sydney, as even now memories are beginning to fade. Take a good look at this picture of a street – well a lane actually – that we ran across towards the end of our stay. It’s an artistic display, although at first it was difficult to actually make sense of it all and then it all fell into place! Underwood Street – it’s obvious, isn’t it?As colorful as the streets of Sydney can be and in spite of all the creativity that is present even in the CBD (Central Business District), it’s still refreshing to see that someone with a “tongue in cheek” sense of humor would be allowed to put such an edifice in place in an otherwise out of sight lane. Yes, it’s different alright!

For much of my IT career I have been …