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Java rocks!

With all the talk about modernization and of NonStop truly being a modern system, it is worth noting just how easy it has become to run modern Java applications on NonStop today!

The past ten days have seen me working out of a hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee, as Margo oversaw events for the association she now works for…. and I took advantage of the free room and the barbeque. But no sooner had we landed back home in Boulder than we packed the RV and headed to southern California for the long weekend, setting up camp just outside Rosamond and reveling in the lack of humidity at Willows Springs race track. Finally, we pulled up stakes and headed to Las Vegas where we are now baking in the desert heat, wishing we had a little more humidity, as we wait for HP Discover 2012 to begin! And the picture above is of me setting up camp and unloading the track car that for the next ten days will once again become our daily drive.

What to expect? What will be demonstrated? Who will be there? Wh…

Fools for NonStop!

From the moment I kicked-off the LinkedIn group of the same name, it was a given that there would be a T Shirt developed. It’s a part of our heritage as well as our tradition dating back to Tandem Computers.Look for me at HP Discover and get yours!
I was only a few week ago that I flew into San Francisco, and from my window I could see the marinas that dot the water’s edge around the airport. For a number of years, soon after I had arrived in Cupertino, I had the pleasure of being part of his crew on Ray Walker’s catamaran “Two-Up”, as I recall it was called.Ray was a product manager working in Bill Heil’s organization and had spent some time in Australia, and so we had an early connection – for much of the 1970s I regularly raced the summer program on Sydney Harbor.

I was really excited when Ray called one day and asked if I wanted to sail on Steve Schmidt’s yacht – a magnificent Santa Cruz 70, much bigger than anything else I had sailed. Designed for the TransPac race, a mix of serio…

Predictions you may regret!

There have been occasions when my predictions have turned out to be way off the mark. And when it comes to technology I am not alone when it comes to straying afield. However, when it comes to clouds computing I have little doubt that there is a future for NonStop! Predictions have a way of coming back to haunt you. Aggressive forecasts about what is going to happen next should be best left to professionals – the local television weather spokesperson. It was many years ago that we all laughed at the title of the James Bond movie “Never say Never Again” where after more than a decade’s absence (from playing the role) Sean Connery did indeed return to make one last appearance in the iconic role that has indeed defined his career; foolishly having said he would never play that role again.

The photo at the top of the page was taken by good friend Brian when we stopped by to watch an AMLS event in the streets of Long Beach – the subject of the April 26, 2010, post "What's in your c…