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Returning to NonStop – how many enterprises now reconsidering NonStop?

Race cars, wide open lapping days, the noise the smell and the color; what does it all have to do with NonStop? How about the ride and how NonStop has pushed hard to win the mission critical computing stakes!
After several years of being absent from track time on road courses, I took the plunge this past weekend and drove the company command center together with our red Corvette Z06 to High Plains Raceway. Located well to the east of Denver, outside the small township of Byers, this circuit is picturesque even as it takes full advantage of the rolling grasslands that create interesting changes in elevation. From top to bottom there is almost 100 feet of elevation shift and there are a number of corners that are on top of the undulating countryside where drivers’ approach them blind to what may lie beyond.

I signed up for the Friday “open lapping” afternoon – four sessions, each of 30 minutes – as well as for the Saturday club day hosted by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). …

We don’t belong in a museum; new applications for NonStop systems!

Museums have their place, of course, and given the right circumstances can be entertaining. Fortunately for the NonStop community, HPE continues to ensure the future for NonStop remains bright!

There aren’t all that many things that surprise me these days, but the other week I was totally blown away by what I had missed out on all those years I had lived in Niwot, Colorado. Only a few streets away from our former home is the Shelby Car Museum housing priceless gems which we visited for the very first time only now! A current edition Ford GT was behind ropes having sold for $2.5Million and one of the older race cars had a valuation in excess of $40Million. The cars themselves are arranged according to historical events and there is certainly a lot of memorability surrounding all of them. I could have spent a lot more time looking at these cars as the chronicled the history of car racing from long-forgotten tracks all the way up to Sebring, Daytona and naturally enough, Le Mans.

Margo an…

It was worth it! NonStop covers the bases with NonStop vendors …

It hasn’t been all that long since HPE began a program for NonStop vendors but it’s working; with its third symposium, HPE delivered the goods!

Heading out the door for a long drive to California always sees Margo and me leaving with mixed emotions. Yes, we enjoy our time together out on America’s highways even as we find the freedom that comes with being liberated from airport security lines along with the hours wasted hanging around airline gates a welcome break from previous routines. On the other hand, no matter how you look at it, a trip is a disruption to our daily routines and for a writer, it means toying with story lines while hunched over a laptop on a hotel room table. However, when the drive to California includes a day or more with the NonStop team in Palo Alto then we typically focus solely on the positives – our expectations for hearing nothing but good news about NonStop.

Two years ago, HPE held their first NonStop Partner Technology Symposium. The symposium that just …