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The new abnormal – if the shoe fits, right?

Call it the new normal, the not normal or even the new abnormal, our world as we knew it when we celebrated the new year is long gone; on the other hand, for IT and NonStop things are becoming clearer, with a meaning …

One of the more enjoyable aspects of spending my days writing is that it is a legitimate excuse to leave the family and go hole up in my office. In so doing, I can switch off and put the rigors of daily life behind me. I can escape into a world of my own making, right? Well, not exactly! More like only after I have helped clean up after breakfast, assisted in making our bed and even taking out the trash.
Yet, it goes without saying, the escape is real even as the opportunity to lose myself in my work overrides all else. For the record – my wife’s view on all this is totally different to mine – Margo claims I use my writing as an excuse to retreat to my office leaving the breakfast mess for her to clean up. Statistically she is probably right, but those 4 times this year …

How easy it is to NonStop!

From video clips to social media posts to publication editorials, NonStop is gaining traction whenever availability is no longer an option. But the question remains, can you afford not to NonStop?

We are now deep into spring and for us, living in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in sight. For us Americans, Memorial Day isn’t all that far away and with this remembrance of times past, we begin a period of backyard BBQs and days at the beach. Yes, it’s nice to step outside to enjoy a timely glass of wine. Well, sort of; no one is prepared just yet to get too far ahead of themselves as we continue to be influenced by what is driving all of our plans – the global pandemic we know as COVID-19.
This past week has been a time where Margo and I have been focused on publishing the May issue of NonStop Insider. Have you read it yet? Have you checked out Margo’s editorial? Just as importantly, have you become a NonStop Insider subscriber? What we have come to enjoy reading are numerous opinion c…

Scaling out: NonStop, the “secret ingredient” within HPE product portfolio

An uptick in blog posts and even video clips helps ensure the story of NonStop continues to resonate with IT professionals even in times severely impacted by global events.
There has been a constant reminder in our neighborhood that we each are looking at the world differently. The global pandemic has forced us all into thinking about how big our social network should be – do we have enough friends? Do we need to reach out to even more colleagues and acquaintances? Is there a minimum set that ensures our happiness? A maximum? Can our emotions scale accordingly, such that our friendship is all embracing without breaking down into an inner circle and a perimeter?
This weekend we saw an impromptu performance taking place on a neighbor’s driveway that attracted a number of passersby. A simple guitar was all that was involved and yet those listening to his performance considered it good enough to stop whatever else they were doing. Our next door neighbors arranged a number of deck chairs on …