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Las Vegas once again and yes, it is the annual ATMIA event – will you be watching what happens?

The installation of a RING doorbell made it a lot easier to see who’s at the door. When it comes to detecting movement across an industry, wouldn’t it be nice to have a RING for NonStop!
As we slowly put the holiday season behind us, with all the gifts unwrapped  as is so often the case at times like this, one gift stood out for us more than any other. Maybe it was the surprise the gift generated or simply the relevance of it – either way, we ended up being very thankful for the gift. This time, it turned out to be the gift from our daughter – a RING digital doorbell. On her visit to our new home she was surprised to see our door did not have a glass panel or even a peep hole so there was no way we could tell who was at the door. We have now had the RING installed and we loaded the app to both of our smartphones and we simply don’t know how we lived without the RING!

Like many of you, we suspect, we overdid it this year with our online shopping. It was just so easy to do and for us, t…

Summer in the Southern Hemisphere means cricket – and there are lessons for the NonStop community!

Someone once told me watching cricket was like watching baseball on Valium. It’s not that bad, really: But there is something to be said about the fervor of each team’s supporters that the NonStop community may want to consider …
For the past couple of months I have spent sleepless nights hunched over my laptop looking at the BBC web site and watching line-by-line updates coming from a cricket match in Australia. It is now summer in the southern hemisphere so that means days spent playing or watching cricket. Not just any cricket matches, mind you, but later-day warfare between two otherwise closest of friends. Whenever the English cricket team tours Australia the ultimate prize is ownership of a very humble urn – the repository of “The Ashes.” Dating back more than a century, following the earliest cricket match between the two countries where England lost, it was The Times that printed a match report in the Obituary column claiming the loss was tantamount to the death of cricket in E…

The folly that was Tandem Computers and the path that led me to NonStop ...

With the arrival of 2018 I am celebrating thirty years of association with NonStop and before that, Tandem Computers. And yes, a lot has changed but the fundamentals are still very much intact!
The arrival of 2018 has a lot of meaning for me, but perhaps nothing more significant than my journey with Tandem and later NonStop can be traced all the way back to 1988 – yes, some thirty years ago. But I am getting a little ahead of myself and there is much to tell before that eventful year came around. And a lot was happening well before 1988.
For nearly ten years I had really enjoyed working with Nixdorf Computers and before that, with The Computer Software Company (TCSC) out of Richmond Virginia. It was back in 1979 that I first heard about Nixdorf’s interests in acquiring TCSC which they eventually did and in so doing, thrust me headlong into a turbulent period where I was barely at home – flying to meetings after meetings in Europe and the US.

All those years ago there was a widely read …