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Oh Canada! NonStop RUG, CTUG, enjoys a packed house.

Every successful system and platform attracts an ecosystem; whether it’s groups of users, vendors, service providers and even media channels all of them provide a vital “service” and NonStop is seeing it’s ecosystem continue to grow …
As readers of the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, know all too well, when opportunity to drive somewhere to meet with the NonStop community presents itself and there’s time on the calendar to make the tip possible, you can count on Margo and me to put in the hours behind the wheel to get there. And the drive to Mississauga, Ontario is always one of the longer trips on our calendar we do our very best to make sure we make it. Last year was a little bit of a let-down as for one reason or another we attended MATUG outside Washington D.C. but found we had no time to drive to Canada. Oh dear …

But logistics aside, we missed listening to Mr. T – Jimmy Treybig – and I suspect further opportunities to hear from Jimmy will lessen in time so yes, from that …

Fall is a time to take in change; RUG events likewise are time to reflect on change with NonStop

NonStop is evolving yet again as it heads down different roads. Just how disruptive a technology NonStop will become? Why don’t you participate in the next Regional User Group (RUG) meeting to find out!
In my previous post I wrote of my brief encounter with a simulated race track experience at HPE Discover 2016 and of how I didn’t much care for the simulator. This past week Margo and I drove through Colorful Colorado on our way to Scottsdale for the DUST Regional User Group (RUG) meeting and my earlier observation about not caring for simulation was justified. There’s nothing like the real thing and the display of color this year was as good as it has ever been. The photo above was taken while Margo was behind the wheel approaching the town of Durango, CO!

For this trip, we elected to skip the freeways and stick to paths less traveled. In so doing, we couldn’t help comment about the path HPE was now treading as it pushed ahead with dramatic changes for NonStop. And these changes are ta…

More milestones – this time, it’s the 400th post! And did I mention that it’s all about NonStop!

For all the time I have been blogging, it never occurred to me that there would be 400 posts written over such a short period of time. And yet, the basic premise for NonStop in the marketplace hasn’t changed – we just don’t want outages of any kind. But wait ... there's a lot more to this story!
Celebrations always include moments of reflection. When a milestone is reached and where there is energy to keep going, these milestones can sometime be nothing more than bumps in the road. It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote a post about this blog entering its tenth year but with this post, we will be celebrating 400 posts. I was thinking early on that perhaps interest in posts to Real Time View will wane considerably with time but, in all reality, thoughts like this couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a growing audience for all things NonStop!

On the one hand, barely a month goes by without HPE being in the news. Likewise, the pace of development for NonStop has ratcheted up …