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Living on the edge

A lot of images come to mind when discussing technology’s edge but nothing detracts from our understanding that it is the edge that now drives the core!
After having taken the two elevators needed to reach an upper floor walkway atop Munich’s “New Town Hall,” stepping out onto the small catwalk-like walkway that was part of the buildings bastion, the view of the city it provided was spectacular. This town hall dominates one side of Munich’s famous Marienplatz that is at the very heart of Munich. Even as snow had just begun falling – it was early March after all – it couldn’t detract from all that could be seen all the way down to the Alps peeking out from under the low hanging clouds. What came to mind almost immediately was the refrain, “Livin’ on the edge!

Looking back through posts to this blog I was surprised that given all the talk of late about the edge, I had only made references to living on the edge in two previous posts – October 2, 2012, NonStop you! and then a couple of yea…

Check out the view … we didn’t miss a thing!

The view ahead often is only at its best following difficult times and for the NonStop community there is only upside ahead with views to match!
With all the talk that followed the recent very severe and somewhat unusual “bomb cyclone” hitting the front ranges in the northern part of the state of Colorado, what is sometimes overlooked is the view you are given once the clouds lift and the sky turns blue. It is as if someone tipped out all the vanilla cream and draped it over the jagged mountain landscape. As chilly as this Saturday morning scene appears turned out to be rather pleasant, with almost no wind whirling through the trees. As for the view, it’s what you see once you crest Highway 36 on your way into Estes Park with views all the way round to Long’s Peak. Being this far back from the mountains and taking in the long view, it was breathtaking to say the least.

The photo was captured by our guests for the weekend, Jan and Brian Kenny, who were driving the car behind us and I c…

Landscapes change but whom they serve stays the same …

City landscapes keep changing but when it comes to what can be seen inside the data center, it is changing even faster with little that reminds us of the past!

Counting down to the 500th post to Real Time View – only nine to go with the publication of this post - and considering I have just celebrated yet another birthday, it leaves me to wonder; where did all that time go? It’s just a little over a decade following the publication of the very first post but already, the NonStop landscape has changed in ways none of us could have predicted. Back in 2007 I had been off the ITUG Board for little more than a year but after an ITUG Board meeting in Chicago somehow a discussion followed where the topic of social media was raised at which time someone suggested I may want to start blogging about NonStop. The details are sketchy and who was part of the conversation, but no matter, I took the bait. The landscape has certainly changed – ITUG is now part of Connect and NonStop is part of Mission…