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Still clinging to the sides?

In my most recent post to the comForte Lounge blog, SOA – and a cloudy future! I talked of a series of “firsts” and how, when it comes to IT, we are on the threshold of some really big “firsts” as we head towards deploying hybrids, clouds, services, and other mostly “meshed” technologies that are required to break down application silos. I suspect, this transformation will not follow the evolutionary steps of the past but instead, in a break with tradition and practices finely tuned over many years, we will see some pretty dramatic changes, with some adventurous twists and turns along the way. The picture above is of me near the entrance to Portofino, Italy, a key waypoint for English Crusaders centuries ago and where, only two weeks ago, I spent an enjoyable lunchtime. There is a reason I am sharing with you this experience, and I will get to it in a moment.

As we approach the commencement of the NonStop Symposium, now only a few days away, I am mindful that we are on the threshold of…

Coffee! How about a beer?

In the week before I left for Europe, I spent the first few days back in Cupertino. In between playing the role of chauffeur for my wife, Margo, and catching up with folks, I took time out to revisit some of the landmarks around Vallco Parkway, Tantau, and Pruneridge. There’s always a need for coffee and there’s no better place to catch up on all that’s happening in the surrounding area than to stop by The Roasted Coffee Bean on the corner of Stevens Creek and South Tantau.

Jared, the owner, has been a fixture at the store from the time they were located in the shopping center alongside Homestead, tucked away behind the Duke of Edinburgh pub, and I happened to catch up with him for a quick cup and a pastry. And talking of the Duke, the picture above is of me in Munich outside the famous HofbrÀuhaus and framed against the Starbucks that has opened just opposite the entrance.

The business environment has changed so dramatically around his coffee shop, and he sure misses the Tandem regu…