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Changing our perspective; what develops will be good!

HPE Discover is always an occasion that the NonStop community looks forward to and with the event going virtual, HPE met our expectations …

One of the benefits of living in Colorado is that the weather is truly a hit or miss circumstance. For the past week we have ventured out into morning sunshine only to be pelted a few hours later by heavy rain and yes, hail. Whether it’s ducking back into stores that happen to be open or jumping into our vehicles it doesn’t really make a difference. Living in Colorado, alongside the Rocky Mountains, means making adjustments quickly in response to changing circumstances no matter what plans were in place. And yet, after checking with the locals, apparently Colorado enjoys more sunny days than just about any place else in USA.
Among the many changes of circumstance that the global pandemic has brought about is that for Information Technologists the big-tent marketing events put on by major vendors have undergone change that will likely live on well af…

The blueprint to optimum data integration; we sure could do with some help, right?

Crossing the lines, stepping outside the box and even lining up incorrectly are all familiar warnings; for NonStop architects, lines on whiteboards or napkins oftentimes convey complexity that needs expertise to address …

I have been involved with the building of three homes. With each home, the engagement differed as the starting place varied, but there was always a blueprint on hand. In the southern suburbs of Sydney, Lilli Pilli, the home was already standing and it was down to details. However, I did get to finish out the lower level, lay the bricks for the backyard retaining pool and come up with the design of the swimming pool. 
As for my home in Niwot, North East of Boulder, I started with a blank piece of paper and took many months before settling on the final blueprint of my dream three-level home. Every detail was covered in those blueprints when breaking ground commenced, but even so, when it came time to move in, there were additional lines drawn on the original plans for e…

Outages, Yes! But with NonStop, No!

In times when it seems defining what’s coming next has become a sport, it’s even more important to stress what NonStop means for uptime whether total outages or simply brownouts!

Stepping into the garage and checking on our hybrid powered vehicle, it’s always good to see that it is fully charged and ready to go. Margo and I are now onto our second plug-in hybrid vehicle and it’s encouraging to see the range of our second generation extended beyond the original 12 to 15 miles to where it’s now more than 35 miles. Doesn’t sound like a lot but in the world of plug in hybrids, relying solely on electric power isn’t what it’s all about – electric power augments a traditional combustion engine thereby considerably increasing the savings in fuel costs. We have enjoyed fuel consumption dropping to where on one occasion we eked out almost 80 mpg on a trip from Windsor, CO, to Dallas, TX.
Seeing the vehicle fully charged is a not too subtle reminder that I too am fully charged. I’ve never been on…