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Looking beyond the edge; NonStop becomes “First Processor!”

NonStop has always done a good job when it comes to product roadmap presentations and at ETBC, Scotland we are all looking forward to hearing the next presentation

It was many years ago that a group of Tandem developers took a side excursion to Grand Canyon. There had been an industry conference on networking, but in between the conclusion of the event and the scheduled flight home, we all elected to take in the sites of this natural wonder. As we walked from one viewing area to the next there was always an opportunity to look over the edge and of course, I have to admit, this old grainy photograph is of me taking a look!

Wanting to know more about what is just out of sight is always of interest to us all and even as there may be risks involved, it’s always a lot better to know what is just beyond the horizon or, in this case, on the  other side of the edge. When it comes to IT there is always a premium paid for information describing what will likely happen next and it is on this bas…

Modern Marvels …

It may be big CATS tearing up the landscape but when it comes to mission critical marvels, HPE has more than one product offering that is a true marvel!

Houses are being built all along our street. While the street is called Sanctuary Drive, for now it offers very little by way of sanctuary as the noise and yes, the vibrations continually interrupt whatever we happen to be doing. Yes, you can argue that with modern machines what used to take weeks with pick and shovel can now be completed in a matter of hours (all contributing to keeping costs in check, of course). Sometimes you can be misled into thinking there is a battle of some sort raging just outside your door Today’s modern marvels in engineering are changing the local landscape on a daily basis and just watching them can leave you breathless!
A long time ago I worked for a Caterpillar distributor in western Canada and the only regret I have is that I never took advantage of opportunities to learn how to drive the big CATs. Thes…

First light – winter’s last gasp!

Reengaging with the NonStop community as changes to NonStop keep on coming may still be a challenge and yet, they’re hold promise for those with the skills learnt on NonStop!
Woke up the other day to an eerie glow emanating from a frozen landscape as winter reminded us all that while the calendar said spring, it wasn’t done with us, just yet! Living alongside Colorado’s famous Rocky Mountains there is always something going on and as much as I shivered and pulled on warmer clothes, in its own way winter was providing a beautiful spectacle. It didn’t last long. It never really does around here. As the temperature climbed into the high 40s, the snow quickly melted away and perhaps it will be eight or nine months before we see anything similar again. On the other hand, maybe we are speaking too soon.  

Having returned from our trip to Munich, Germany, it’s now time to plan for Edinburgh, Scotland. The premier user event for the European community is only a few short weeks away. Margo and …