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My passage to India!

When the invitation arrived from HP India to speak at their InNUG user event there was absolutely no way I was going to turn it down. And after spending time with the NonStop community in India I was so pleased that I had elected to go!
There has been one country I have somehow missed visiting during all the decades I have been in IT. I landed there once on a flight from Paris to Bangkok, but never left the plane. And yet, whenever conversations turn to IT, the work being done in this country rarely escapes a mention. Of course, I am talking about India. And the picture above is of me poolside, very early in the morning, in the town of Kovalam, pretty much at the bottom of the Indian peninsula. About 8 degrees north of the equator, I later learnt.

I had been fortunate enough to have received an invite from HP to speak at the Indian NonStop user group event – InNUG. Coming right after the successful event for the Australian NonStop user group, OzTUG, as well as following the good news I…

Information-centric world!

Do we ever fully comprehend all the capabilities of the NonStop system? The question has been floating in my mind, particularly in light of the discussions taking place in LinkedIn and Yahoo groups of late. But before continuing with this thought, last weekend proved to be eventful and by now, some of what transpired is already appearing in cyberspace.

The picture to the right was taken last Sunday outside a Golden, Colorado, coffee shop. Margo and I had awoken to a typical picturesque Colorado mountain morning, as you sometime do late summer, with temperatures dropping, and it was time to jump on the motorcycles again. We had spent Saturday touring the continental divide in our ragtop roadster, stopping for lunch in Aspen, all the while checking to see if the aspen trees had begun to change color, so taking motorcycles for a ride seemed the natural thing to do.

However, only minutes after leaving the house, Margo pulled alongside of me at a stop sign to ask where she could find the tu…

Foolish aspirations!

Social media may not hold all the answers and may be a poor substitute for actually meeting face-to-face. And yet, it's proving to be a powerful lightening rod in terms of attracting those anxious to learn more! As for the future of NonStop then check out what these fools predict ...

Last weekend all across America people celebrated the Labor Day weekend – the traditional end of summer. Margo and I were no exception, and we headed across the continental divide to spend a relaxing weekend on the western slopes. We elected to spend the weekend in the small town of Palisades, Colorado, just a little to the east of Grand Junction.

I had driven past it many times during the years we commuted between Boulder, Colorado, and Simi Valley, California, and never given it a second glance. Actually, it is not possible to view the township as you pass it by as it is hidden below the Interstate, but a few billboards are high enough to let you know that should you take the freeway exit, there wou…