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Always on! Always connected!

These days it seems I'm always connected - iPad, Blackberry and the ever reliable laptop! I may fuss over the complexities of keeping calendars in synch, but I wouldn't have it any other way! There's simply no going back ... oh boy!
I spend way too much time walking the floors of car service bays where there’s always the possibility of spotting something new or different. To me, these cars are works of art where I will pause and absorb the craftsmanship involved.
The picture above is of the work bays in the specialty shop, Dragon Pro Street Engineering, where high-end Corvettes, Vipers and Ford GTs are routinely worked on and where, in the background and a little out of focus, can be seen the famous “Yellow Skull Vette” that recently graced the cover of Vette magazine.

There was a time when you would simply park your car at any car dealers’ service center, tell them what was required, and hand over the keys. It wasn’t all that long ago either that the service staff would …

Blossoms and clouds!

Would it come as a surprise to anyone following the HP NonStop Server that it’s making it into the Cloud Computing strategy? And would it be a surprise to any that it’s doing so on the strength of the data base?

Spring is finally making it to Boulder, and finally our snowberry trees are in bloom. For the past couple of weeks we have looked at the trees alongside our driveway through the glass doors of our kitchen nook every morning just to see if they had blossomed. The picture alongside this post shows that yes, they finally gave us the display of white flowers we had been hoping for as the weather had begun to warm.

It has been five years since we saw this display, as business had necessitated us being away from home for extended periods and no matter how hard we tried to schedule being home for this time of year, we had never managed to successfully sidestep commitments to be elsewhere. So the experience of this week has gone a long way to compensate for the distractions that came w…

A bad case of S&D!

Paraphrasing local bedding shop in the west, “You’re killing me, Larry!” But it’s not so much his posturing as it is Larry’s presumption that he enjoys special relationships with every vendor up and down Silicon Valley!
It’s as if I can never escape infrastructure projects, or escape being embroiled in technology obsolescence discussions. Setting up offices for Margo and me in our Boulder home has been quite an ordeal and this morning we had a longtime audio / video specialist, Brian, return to oversee the pulling of Ethernet cables, some coax and other related components needed to support dual working environments. The picture  above is of Margo who bravely soldiered on while everything was in chaos for several hours.
Watching new networking infrastructure being installed and watching older equipment being carted away, I was reminded of how when I worked for Tandem Computers I used to enjoy providing the product management perspective on communications and networking to customers and …