Sunday, June 2, 2013

Off to Discover

It is June and HP Discover is happening again, ipso facto, I am off to Las Vegas, participating alongside Richard.

Discover is an opportunity to network, and I figure being in the V Bar that is strategically located at the entrance to the Conference will likely be where you will find me - I will find a spot from which to watch people as they pass by.

maRunga, the cloud burst solution from Infrasoft, will not be demonstrated at any of the stands at the Conference. However, Peter Shell, Managing Director of Infrasoft, PTY Limited, will have his laptop with him, and I am sure he will be only too happy to give a demo and presentation. This newest offering is from the company that brought you uLinga, which is installed and running at many major customers’ shops.

Just this week, after a meeting between Infrasoft engineers and IR technical staff, we saw a demonstration of the Prognosis screens showing maRunga in action, giving users a view of how this application bursts into private or public clouds and where it is running at any given time. It’s a prototype at the moment, but IR tells us that if a customer wants visibility to his maRunga installation, it will be a matter of days to productize these screens and make them a part of Prognosis!

I am very happy to see the results of the napkin discussions between ourselves at Infrasoft and the solution architects at HP taking shape, resulting in a new, exciting, and timely offering coming to the market just in time for HP Discover – and I have to say that the investment Infrasoft made into the infrastructure of their software paid off handsomely! All the configuration, tracing, logging, and user interface components (WebCON) are reusable across uLinga and maRunga. In so doing, our Infrasoft engineers, the“Sydney boys”, were able to create the product that has its “guts” proven, tested, and actually working well in production at many accounts. If you are using uLinga, this view of maRunga will look familiar:

Although we are working with HP on wording of the formal announcement, which will speak to the origins of maRunga, you won’t have to wait for this news announcement to see how your organization may benefit from enabling your applications to run where you want them to run – be it on another NonStop system, Windows, Unix, or Linux boxes, or in private or even public clouds including offerings from vendors such as With maRunga, it’s up to you to decide when and what applications can burst into the cloud. While we have discussions under way with a number of solutions vendors, if you manage to make it to this year’s HP Discover event, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk to us, or to our re-seller, ComForte, and see if maRunga is for you.

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