Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pie in the sky ...

Richard and I got engaged on a barge in Paris – the idea was to have a romantic dinner and exchange rings. The dinner out turned to be anything but romantic … we were seated behind a group of three couples, and each man in that group tried to outdo the others in a conversation.

Finally one of them decidedly won – he started talking, and every sentence contained a cliché … grass is always greener, strike while the iron is hot, opposites attract, what goes around comes around …
You get the idea? It was painful!
I was thinking about these exchanges as a few  clichés of my own came to mind on this cold December day; another holiday, another year ending, and I am thinking … every cloud has a silver lining.

As I remember our time at Insession, when we introduced WebGate, it was so much like this year’s introduction of maRunga by Infrasoft: putting the horse before the carriage, or a solution ahead of the problem!
When WebGate was introduced we knew that it is not avoidable, everyone will be competing on user interfaces to their services, and externalizing application’s functions as web services will be the way to go. We were right, and although we did not have sales in the first year, it took off and one financial institution externalized over 500 services using WebGate!

In all seriousness, Clouds will affect every aspect of our data center operations and touching NonStop will be unavoidable. Knowing there are solutions available will be important to all within the NonStop community. True, we are on an “evangelic sale” right now, but the team of developers in Sydney is among the best focused on NonStop solutions – success with uLinga more than proves that point.

maRunga did not attract anyone this year. It is brand new, and yet we know that it is what will be needed. More evangelism lies ahead, even as we know of the merits in having NonStop guarding the clouds, be it public or private! NonStop bursting into Clouds for capacity, essentially on demand! NonStop letting transactions follow data where Clouds are used in D/R scenarios!

We know that, and HP Field Support (where the idea of the product was conceived and first demonstrated) knew it, too. Customers will realize it very soon and I can’t help but think I need the guy on the barge to say; all’s well that ends well.

So, this holiday season I am saying to myself: don’t get your knickers in a twist; it's the quiet before the storm!

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Richard Buckle said...

One small point just for clarification and something Margo omitted - the engagement in Paris took place in 1997.

Many thanks to all those that congratulated us of late :-)