Saturday, September 1, 2007

BLOG Launch ...

This week, ITUG will begin active promotion of this blog and I will be very interested to see how many in the community begin to read my entries and the comments these generate. I am keeping my fingers crossed here and am hopeful that a good number of you will turn to the blog from time to time.

In my upcoming ITUG Connection columns I will be talking about the NS1000 and asking the question about its role in a distributed environment - will the NS1000 generate new opportunities to offload other platforms, and not just existing NonStop servers. Would it be good business to offload other Unix applications, and perhaps even IBM mainframe applications, onto this family of NonStop servers? Could you take advantage of NS SQL on the NS1000 to create small EDW systems - one's where much less than 10's of Terabytes were needed?

I elected to adddress these possibilities for the NS1000 as I see this as a transitional architecture - it takes advantage of a building block that just costs so much less to develop and manufacture than previous "packages" used - while not yet a true blade package, for me clearly a step down the path to blades. So, how much attention are you giving this additional NonStop server line?

I am also continuing to give presentations at various ITUG events on the contents of a number of my earlier columns - but as I do, I am updating them with new material from these just-produced columns. To date I have given the presentation at SATUG, and at the recent HPTF&E. Shortly I will be giving it at the Euro ITUG event in Brighton, and I am hopeful that I will get other opportunities later this year.

I refer to the upcoming columns, and events, as much of what I will be covering in this blog will be tied into them - this blog will be a place where I develop a number of threads that I believe are important to the community and where your feedback is something I value. From my earliest days on the ITUG Board I always felt it was important to pursue different models that opened up a two-way dialogue. But now the technology is at a point where I am comfortable that such a dialogue can be developed pretty easily.

So, with the promotion efforts of ITUG beginning this week I will be keenly watching the outcome - if you have seen something I have written in the blog entries posted to date that interests you - please add you comments. The content, in the end, will only be as exciting and as meaningful as you dictate. Turn to Connection and read Real Time View! And, if you are attending the Euro ITUG event, check out my presentation and drop by to let me know what you think of this blog.

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